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  1. When will uncle Schmoofy return from the war v_v
  2. An indie dev went and used the Kojima Productions logo, Silent Hill quotes, and PT Quotes in an ARG to try and promote their own game. and they had the fucking nerve to say they had the right to use Kojima's name and his studio's logo, everyone who's a fan of MGS and Silent Hill are all furious at this fucking pretentious asshat who, in an attempt at marketing publicity, tried and failed on all extremes. albums of the twitter conversation https://imgur.com/a/q48L1 http://imgur.com/BJUmW3o http://imgur.com/WWymc2J http://imgur.com/AMFbjsq http://imgur.com/l91ynEv http://imgur.com/RzjCNO9
  3. The New Iron Maiden Album is fucking sick https://soundcloud.com/dioni-wolff/iron-maiden-empire-of-the-clouds and the grand finale is no slouch either!
  4. I finished building Liger Zero Panzer a few days ago and forgot to post it here.
  5. Intelligent Systems has no chill
  6. I have all of the new characters and have tested all of them here's a synopsis: LUCAS: Returning from Brawl we have the other Earthbound/Mother Series protagonist, his attacks seem to flow with eachother air combos in particular, his attacks also seem to come out a bit faster and his PK Thunder 2 takes him farther and higher than Ness in addition to best up smash, we now have best down smash. ROY: Our boy, returning from Melee, Roy feels like a mix between Marth, Ike, and Lucina having nimble movement and raw power to boot, not much can be said about Roy, his Standard B can still insta-gib when fully charged and his power is at the sword's base, expect him to be up close and personal. RYU: from streets, Ryu feels like he suffers from Little Mac Syndrome (LMS) being an exceptional ground fighter but lacking the acrobatics of other fighters (see Lucas, Ness, Pikachu etc.) and can Side B off the ledge if careless, although having a slightly better chance at recovery than Mac or Mii Brawler and a projectile to boot he is a danger on the ground but something to laugh at if you play a good air fight. In addition to entering the traditional inputs for stronger special attacks it can leave players wide open for punishment. Ryu is Mechanically interesting but suffers weaknesses that plague Mac and Mii Brawler.
  7. my brain is telling me to start collecting figurines but my bank account says no.
  8. merry birthday hope it was a good one!
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