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  1. Zuul

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    it's been a wild ride, man. sometimes you gotta let things go. no that's not a frozen reference
  2. Zuul

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    i'm a different person now is that good or bad
  3. Zuul

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    the balloon furniture... is that the only thing you can get from the balloon presents? because that shit is uggggly. also, has anyone tried doing the whole 'changing the name of your SSID' to get the download items?
  4. Here's some of the stuff you'll hear on the show Hilarious, disturbing, amazing. If you're into freaky things with a humorous twist, old time radio shows, and possibly have some time to kill: Main Page A wiki to explain it Amazing official Twitter account Night Vale wiki Only for the desperate: the Tumblr Tag for Night Vale It's easily found via Podcast on iOS, but there are other ways! Quick Google search gave me this
  5. Zuul

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    I want Monique to move. I loved her in the Game Cube version but in this one I just wanna hit her with my bug net all the time. I really want Chow to move in. My boyfriend wants Lolly to move in because he's a weirdo. yeah DHV, watch out for that one.
  6. Zuul

    Happy Birthday Ager.

    Appy Birthday Ager
  7. Zuul

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

  8. Zuul

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    oh ha ha ha they don't sell for much at all. boo.
  9. Zuul

    Flight Rising

    http://flightrising.com/ It's still kind of buggy, but fun. Virtual Pets sort of like Neopets, only there's a breeding system. You can make kickass custom dragons. Why? Why not. If you want to friend me or put me down as a reference, my username is zuul
  10. Zuul

    Getting Rid Of Coupons.

    I have a coupon that I will give to anyone ANYONE at all for free, no questions asked. 10% OFF Toki Tori 2+
  11. Zuul

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    all the Nintendo stuff you get from lucky tickets... you can't sell them... what's the point? just collector items? (I noticed Danger had them in his museum) I got TWO yellow pikmin hats. Those are pretty great, though.
  12. Zuul

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    i totally logged in here for this. i got New Leaf on Thursday. i had a lovely time at Danger's town on Saturday! my friend code is 3239 - 3287 -5009 and I'd love to hang out sometime <3
  13. Zuul

    3Ds Friend Codes

    guess who just got a 3ds 3239 - 3287 -5009