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  1. This is win ... Either way, I think I'd put a cat in it, and then never open it again. [/logic]
  2. This reminds me heavily of Anamanguchi. Anyone else feeling that?
  3. I won with Satsujinki ... however, considering that not even Nasu fully acknowledges him yet, I suppose it is to be expected. Took him 40 guesses to get Hideo Kuze (apparently, he's "bad", doesn't use a sword, but does use a gun? Well, the gun part may be true, but I know he uses a f---ing sword.) It could not guess Fon Spaak (although he have his info) Also, it could not guess Karyou Kaie ... but it surprised the hell out of me when it told me it knew the name. Now then, I'm off to win ... again ...
  4. Vista can run DirectX 11. Also, I feel like, while your list isn't bad, it's just ... not entirely accurate in some cases, as well as missing quite a few cards.
  5. Well, unless it's excessive gore, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Hell, your Pokemon pictures are very welcome, so please share more.
  6. Picture? How about an entire doujin about ... I don't want to hear any bitching about how this sounds, as the spoiler tag itself should be warning enough.
  7. What is this discussion here? It sounds relative to my interests ... >.> After looking through quite a few pics from Nezumi, these images you post seem ... almost natural.
  8. YES!!! http://z0r.de/285 I knew it had to be in there somewhere ... EDIT: More ... http://z0r.de/1382 http://z0r.de/1901 http://z0r.de/1229 http://z0r.de/550 http://z0r.de/740 http://z0r.de/1793 http://z0r.de/336
  9. Somehow, this just made me laugh ...
  10. I don't need to use it, therefore I don't. As such, I do not have to deal with such an atrocity. By the way, am I the only one who finds that Ping is Apple copying Zune's Social? I mean, Zune Social kinda flopped, but still ... doesn't mean that Ping isn't Apple being unoriginal >.>
  11. I don't know about the laughing part, but I do agree that it doesn't seem as bad as people make it out to be ... that is, unless they had their volume up.
  12. I honestly can't say that I know a lot about PSUs, but ... I do know that you can run at least one of the 4870s (which is better than nothing) with the 650W PSU, if not both. If you're not overclocking, then your system should only be pulling around 430-480W depending on various factors (like fans and hard drives.) Either way, you shouldn't really be going above 500W under full load, which, if only done for a few weeks or so while waiting for a replacement PSU, should be fine ... Also, if it is a problem with the new PSU, then I'd recommend just contacting Corsair about it, as I've heard that they have great support on their PSUs.
  13. Believe it or not, I actually used Firefox for almost every one of those downloads. (IE7 if I was just updating drivers, or doing something else simple like that.) That's one of the biggest reasons why it baffled me so much. Either way, I checked my laptop, and it's a much smaller 23 MBs. I use Opera on my laptop, and I had recently put it on the desktop too, so hopefully I shouldn't have to do this a second time. Thank you for the help.
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