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  1. I /think/ that it shouldn't be too hard to convert a Mannpower map to a regular ctf map with Stripper:Source.
  2. Pretty much spot on. It's a shame to see a new character drop from main-plot character to background filler. The MMO-theme is deeply rooted within the foundations of the plot of Log Horizon, but in SAO it felt more like "additional flavouring". You could just replace the whole MMO-theme with something completely different (haunted amusement park, scary tv gameshow) and it wouldn't change the story very much. In SAOII the MMO-theme plays an even smaller role, because everything is allright~ and plug-and-play now. That said, the "Mother's Rosario" arc of SAOII was absolutely amazing if you ask me. Some Asuna backstory, and great chemistry with Yuuki, and ofcourse I abolutely prefer Log Horizon to SAO, but I really don't agree with the general negativity SAO has been receiving. SAO isn't a masterpiece, but it isn't crap either. --- And now for something completely different, I really ate too many roasted potatoes yesterday. But they were so good. Garlic makes everything better.
  3. I took a jab at boosting the volume a bit, though it sounded pretty good to begin with though. I also added a fadeout.
  4. I'll be darned. It's pretty uncanny to see a more realistic version of desperados. Not to mention the absence of the rope bridge that is usually swarming with red snipers.
  5. The removing of sentry ammo is a pretty elegant way of fixing that problem.
  6. God-tier salad + 2 slices of bread = God-tier Sandwich. And you can't have something like a cheese soup, so I go for the god-tier sandwich.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more. What some people consider art, is rubbish and worthless to other people. For example, drawings and sketches on paper from Leonardo Da Vinci are things I'd consider art, even though they weren't supposed to be art, just sketches and notes. Jerking off onto a piece of paper and dusting the result with graphite powder (nothing graphic here, but stilll possibly NSFW) on the other hand isn't something I'd consider something with value, even though you'd could say that these are intimate, personal and emotional works. The fact that both of these were done on paper is meaningless.
  8. I...e-....wait....eeh....just....eerr-...... How the hell is that going to work?
  9. I guess they made this change for that new Arena Respawn thing, which is nice
  10. That is friggin hillarious. Only a matter of time until 4chan becomes a memory like geocities. meybe
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