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  1. AdiposeTissue

    How Did You Find The Nom Sever, What Made You Stay?

    Youtube sometime in early '09 Stay because people play video games
  2. AdiposeTissue

    Dota 2

    The actual International 3 starts August 7 and goes through 11th. However, the West Qualifiers were last week and East qualifiers are this week. Everyday, but they are really really late for Americans since the games are being played at a normal time in Asia.\ You can always download the replays in game and watch there.
  3. AdiposeTissue

    Dota 2

    Not the same team at all. Only 2 players (one being a backup) are from that team. The other 4 are all new to their team, but not new to dota at all the team has been stomping everybody lately.
  4. AdiposeTissue

    Dota 2

    That's the funniest dota thing I've seen in a while
  5. AdiposeTissue

    Dota 2

    Kev level supporting
  6. AdiposeTissue

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    BECAUSE YOU NEED HBO TO WATCH IT LIVE. Do you even internet?
  7. AdiposeTissue

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Threads is in the top 10 best songs list
  8. AdiposeTissue

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Holy shit AoE2 is going to be on steam
  9. AdiposeTissue

    Dota 2

    I am allowed to jump up there if I want it's on MY side of the river!
  10. AdiposeTissue

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    Says who? You aren't the person who gets to decide what other people like. Some people enjoy competitive more.
  11. AdiposeTissue

    So They're Finally Here Performing For You

  12. AdiposeTissue

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Adipose is rarely taken and I don't remember a time when Adipose Tissue or AdiposeTissue has ever been taken.
  13. AdiposeTissue

    Path Of Exile

    Beat Normal difficulty on my dagger shadow. Died a lot. Now playing a two hand mace using Marauder on hardcore. Just beat act 2 normal. So far so good. 1 point away from picking up blood magic which I think will make things even better.
  14. AdiposeTissue

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    (no rants about other people here)
  15. AdiposeTissue

    Dota 2

    At least it's up to the point of being able to see our old stats again. Not the best but still they say they are "working on it"