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  1. Well my rants aren't as bad as they used to be. BUT, i've recently fallen into a little problem. I REALLY want to enjoy my senior year, and at the same time, im taking a few college classes early. Its a school program that allows us to take credited classes there for free, but this last semester of senior year, I got some HARD classes. And this is where the conflict begins. Drop the classes and enjoy senior year, or endure the classes, and miss some senior year events? Oh fudgenutters.
  2. Hey dude, look how far you've made it. Although feeling this way sucks, going along this far means you got alot of mental resilience. I know how the panic attacks feel, they happened to me last year everyday in Math class. Sweaty palms, horrible thoughts, you basically either feel like death itself. Honestly, I dont think the clinic is right for you either. It seems to have a bad feel inside of it. Better to hang out with people who are healthy, and who understand you rather than go there. As for the pills, they may take a while with certain people. What dosage/medication are you taking?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HWEXUzzmDY
  4. I think after a while you would go from to to with all the fumes. Reminds me of my other rant: If youre in a bus with me, or in any situation where you must be within my proximity, PLEASE turn off your blasting music and put headphones on. I really dont care what you listen to, and 90% of the time the music is horrible. Please have some consideration, not only is it ear-shatteringly loud, but I hate the fact you believe everyone must hear it.
  5. Gummi Bears. Yes, it seems hard to do, but when they become sticky slivers of flubber, they get stuck between my molars which has a big enough gap to get a sizeable amount of residue that will drive me absolutely crazy unless I have a toothpick near by.
  6. Grey Matter, when are you leaving? This is troubling to hear, but mental health is one of the most important things you can have. You arent the only one here with this problem. Update if you feel like, I can relate to this stuff. Keep your head up, dont let yourself fall through more, you were healthy enough to post this, keep frosty.
  7. Lets begin: Well today began slowly, I got up feeling bleh. I actually got a full nights rest, as compared to yesterday and the day before. Anyways, right now as im typing this I just feel pissed off for no general reason. But let me begin by listing what is bugging me in a bullet form. *Bullet form isnt working, so I guess im gonna do it this way :< *I haven't gotten my books for my college classes yet, im in a program where I can participate in college classes in high school, and basically everything is paid off. The problem is that my funny-but-exhaustive math teacher is already assigning on day 2 and I still need my book! But its not really in my power so right now im twiddling my thumbs. Worse, he assigns homework. Well, thats obvious, right? Actually, he will never collect the work. It is our option to do and honestly I dont have the self-discipline to do the work on my own. So thats the problem. Its easy for me to trick myself into thinking that I got it all down packed, when in reality I dont know diddly squat. But I have faith in myself this semester. So long as I do good the first month, I should be set all semester. *My teacher is a conservative. Not just a normal conservative, but he is a GOD SHALL SMITE OBAMA, THAT EVIL COMMUNIST WHO IS TAKING OVER AMERICA, GOD BLESS HER! MILDRED GET THE SHOTGUN AND SHOOT SUM MUSKRATS. Most of his logic is directly off of Fox News, or some of those shows. He thinks CNN is a ultra-liberal plague which should be banished with the blessing of George Bush. Mind you this guy isnt even a history or civics teacher, more like a videography teacher. And whats worse, he believes we should be in constant wars, and the wives should be stuck in houses and be cooking 100% of the time. So basically a classic 50's mentality, with male superiority and lack of any concept of peace. Now for the backpedaling to prevent me from being flamed: Yes im a democrat, and I tend to vote for whoever can help us out the most in that situation. Ive known alot of conservative republicans whom I can debate and discuss politics with, but not with this guy. He doesnt seem to take anything the opposing party says seriously. Or at all. *And now as im typing this the annoying kid came in. And I feel awful now, worse than before. Well, he is being quiet now, so I dont feel too pissed. I'll save this rant for later when he was bugging me.
  8. Press Play and enjoy this small clip. I think it holds true to its name.
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    I felt compelled to make this.
  10. The WAAAMBULANCE rolls with amazing speed, powered by the tears of RED team.
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    My desktop solves practical problems.
  12. Yeah, he looks a bit stoned offa energy drinks, and the parents are in the house...
  13. "Preparing to Launch Half Life 2"
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