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  1. Meet our cannonfodder Infantry division!
  2. My PS2 crew is gonna get on this. Looking forward to it.
  3. This will seem quite redundant to post this as I wont be going into details what this is all about but I have to get this off my chest somewhere. Today marks the day when I finally rid myself of the burden that had been weighting on my shoulders for seven long years, making me prone to depression, mild panic attacks and paranoia. No more. I feel extremely liberated and free. After such a long time, I can finally smile as who I really am and not trying to wear a mask over my face all the time.
  4. Off to see "1944" in the cinema. Cant wait!
  5. Goddamn it! DLC to the game I havent even had the time to play yet and I've had it since release. You bastardos, give me 48 hour days!
  6. Our newest promotional video for the 42nd Siege Battalion of the Forgotten Honor Marauders:
  7. Risen from the dead! The thread might be, but we in our outfit still live and kicking arse! We just put out this recruitment trailer:
  8. People freak out over a video game being remade? Well not like it's the first time that happens but it always stuns me how odd that is. Yes, I'd be glad if someone would remake AvP2 or NOLF (or just release them on Steam even as is...) but I wouldnt lose my shit over it.
  9. I thought this was the RO2 expansion.
  10. It's really odd. Im trying to reason why am I sad about someone whom I only recognized as the "prease understand" nintendo-man, but I am.
  11. Never have I've been as sad towards the death of a businessman. Utmost respect towards him and his achievements.
  12. Maybe they wanted to get to the untold story before the books. I really dont know. I havent read the books so I cant really comment any better.
  13. Im loving all the sweet tears people are crying over a TV-series. All in all, I found the finale of GoT this season to be quite dull actually. Some nice moments but a bit too few to hold it on its own. Have to admit that aside few really top notch scenes, this season is ranking quite low in my books. First season wasnt that good either but if I recall right 2, 3 and especially 4 were damn great. Im glad this season is done with thought so I can start a rewatch from season 1. I binge watched it last year when season 4 ended and before that I had only seen couple of episodes so the binge was kinda bad in the sense that I didnt grow any liking towards majority of the characters. For example this season I had trouble remembering who is who because theres like hundred characters with difficult names and when some of them sound the bloody same, I have no idea who is who. But this re-run Im about to start I'll take it slower and try to enjoy it more than I did when I binged it last year. That was honestly a bit of a waste of a good show. Oh well, the fandom will take couple of weeks to survive from the finale, then they start to wait for the next season, only to get their feelings molested again and again. I love all these "I will never watch this bullshit series ever again!" after someone gets killed, and yet... the same people always come back for more.
  14. Yeah absolutely. As a movie it was average/good, as a JP sequel it was friggin great. Plot is simple as shit and I knew everything (except for couple of small teensy weensy twists) beforehand from just guessing and speculating how things would have gone down and it didnt ruin my viewing experience, it just reinforced the enjoyment as I saw things happen as I had speculated them to. Some people complain that the characters were bad or the CGI was bad but in my honest opinion, ef those people. I didnt get annoyed by any of the characters in this and I thought all of them had their place and roles just fine. Jesus christ I felt bad for the I-Rex paddock security man who just sat there and looking like "well, Im fucked" and that babysitter who got tossed around like a ragdoll. Also the CGI being bad? Well, nowadays we are accustomed to CGI as its a norm, not an exception. I think CGI in this was stellar but it also makes me think back 20 years ago how JP's little CGI stuff still looks pretty damn believable. Sure the movie has plenty of really silly things when you start thinking deep down, like the lack of proper security forces, lack of heavy hitting weaponry and like in general lack of pre-cautions made in order to avoid things like these to happen. In the concept arts they posted the I-Rex paddock actually has a huge ditch in between the land area and the paddock walls. That already makes it seem far more reliable way of keeping things contained. Im definitely going to see this again in 2D when my friend gets down here from the north. I saw it in 3D on friday, and while this is my second 3D film and I dont have much to compare to, I think the 3D was done very well. My first 3D movie was JP3D last year.
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