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  1. Apparently I'm allergic to apples (and I thought I had no allergies!); I noticed a rash appearing on my right hand occasionally but I wasn't sure from where. After noticing some increasingly common factors I've narrowed it down to apples. Gonna try holding my apples on my left hand next time to see if the rash appears there. On the plus side, it appears to be purely cosmetic; I only notice the rash when I literally look at it. I'll take this rash over not eating apples since it's one of the only healthy foods I can even eat.
  2. Phaze

    What If...

    Taste or smell for definite. Honestly, touch would be a close 2nd. It has to do with how I perceive input from my senses. It's screwy and despite the great things taste (and other senses mentioned) allows me to experience, easily 80% of food is inedible because I absolutely cannot tolerate the flavors or textures; it mostly seems to be related to bitter flavors. I can pick up things people wouldn't otherwise notice and anything they do pick up seems to be magnified greatly for me. I heard "Oh you won't taste it!" a lot. I once picked up onion juice on a pizza with no onions on it :| I can't eat vegetables no matter how much I'd like to have the nutrients. My diet tends to consist of specific meats, grains or some less wholesome foods. I can't go out to eat with anyone most of the time because I'm not going to like anything there and the last thing I'd want is for a friend to start yelling at me and calling me "fussy" again. God I fucking hate that word. I can't even eat pizzas with cheese for christ's sake. ... sorry for the mega rant, I honestly forgot how much this bothers me. If I could temporarily deaden some of my senses, it'd be heaven for me.
  3. I commissioned a friend to draw my new ref for me, I'm quite pleased with the result! http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Denri/Stuff/phazecommish.png This is the full version
  4. hhhhh I need to show up on nom (forums + server) more '_;
  5. I like Vegeta's theme because a friend of mine is basically Kakarot since he made ridiculous progress despite starting after me.
  6. It verifies transactions that have been made, if I recall correctly.
  7. Honestly I'm not sure if I have a clue either But... at its most basic: Exercise (say, pushups) until you can't do any more/start to feel pain - pain is a big sign to stop. Feeling a 'burn' is normal though. Generally though you should take a break when you start to feel worn out and try again in 5-10 mins, depending. I find I can't push beyond 20 in one go even if I can do a lot more than that in practice. When I do pushups, it's until my arms can't support my weight any more and I do it typically before bed. After that, rest for 2 days (maybe more, I take 3 usually), don't stress the muscles during recovery. Recovery phase is when the muscle growth takes place. Eat plenty of protein. You're going to need it! That's about it, really. I doubt it's optimal, but it's what I'm doing and I seem to be showing results, at least. If you don't push yourself, your body won't grow the muscles o3o
  8. I probably never really mentioned it on nom before, but some 4 months ago I decided that I was done with being weak. I started doing exercises as a result; mostly pushups, though I do some other exercises including squats, situps and curls. No real particular routine, I just do what I can when I think of it. When I started out, I had virtually no muscle on my frame and literally could not do more than 2 pushups before my arms gave out... as of a few days ago, my max so far was 74 (in consecutive sets of 20). I've never had that kind of strength in my entire life o3o It doesn't look like a whole lot yet but I'm even starting to see pectoral muscle and tricep growth! I don't know why I didn't start this sooner, I wonder where I could have been today if I started much earlier, though I guess back then I didn't have the motivation nor was I willing to endure the pain. It's the worst at the start and it lessens as you go on, at least! I should be well on my way to being ripped (or at least fit) in a few years and I will feel physically proud of myself. I can already feel the confidence boost from what progress I've made as-is I have even seemingly stopped slouching! Now it feels unnatural to slouch instead of my previous default of feeling unnatural when I stood up straight. ... now if only I could muster this motivation for programming work, har. At least I've been making some 'non-programming' efforts on that front recently, I guess. I need to figure some way to kick myself in the ass on code and I can finally make some meaningful progress with my life.
  9. Dragons raping cars, while niche, seems to be a thing enough that there are a number of images of it. I remember a /d/ humor image of a "Dragons raping cars" thread. I sort of lol'd.
  10. Huh, you're an admin now? 'o'
  11. Alternate interpretation of the bible.
  12. People are still downloading my archive. 4 people yesterday and over 230 downloads in total. Where are they coming from? o3o
  13. Phaze


    Oh hey, you're back. 'sup?
  14. Spent all day and most of the night working on a program in PHP to make archiving topics on my site as effortless as possible. I think I'm done for now, but it's almost finished. Just gotta restructure the "page jump" part of the code tomorrow.
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