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  1. package in shop, but i cant pick it up, cause its not been delivered to the shop. Even though i can fucking see it. Thanks delivery driver.
  2. People can't grasp that pyros counters/deters dirty rat. But Hur dur other cards are similar
  3. Win 10 store. Trying to disable it for new work PC's but it keeps coming back. Also why would they get rid of the ability to disable it on Pro machines, but allow it for enterprise and education. Just let us disable it. And intune is shit, and isn't worth it.
  4. Valve time biannaul? Also it will be when Schmoofy posts again obvs.
  5. Cause fuck cluttering other threads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSrv_n4tw7w Love that its not lost the look. Also the "Got to get back, back to the past" gives me the chills every time.
  6. oh yeah right clicking things will bring up the civlopedia, so best looking through that if you want to go down a trail of info.
  7. Just try and learn something when you have nothing to do. And then don't learn it, like i've been doing for the past 6 months. Also March 11th, Jack is back.
  8. Watch a tutorial, i recommend this guy as he is one of the better players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3x3P8gsCFA Food, and production is only applicable for the city collecting it. Gold and other things are Civilization wide. Food will expand population, each person needs 2 food per turn, so if you have a city of 5 producing 14 food per turn, you will have plus 4 food per turn which will work towards a new population. Which will require a certain amount of food, this increases exponentially. Production is only for that city, hence some cities build stuff quicker. It just works like that, more production means build quicker. As a rule of thumb, try to build cities by a river, and to have 2 or so units per city. I could go further in, but it probably needs its own thread. Or just ask me on steam.
  9. http://www.teamfortress.com/comics.php Shenanigans Suck it.
  10. Another year. Sigh. Really wish i was at the new house, instead of home, things are just getting more tense here, with no real prospect of improvement. Due to stupid argument between my father and brother has happened. I should really stop playing poker, due impatience of not being able to win (due to unluckiness), a loss just affects me for too long. I should just play deep stack tournaments, or just not bother with cash. Or just learn to deal with it, its not a large amount of money, however its most likely due to frustration of a downswing. But doing that will lead to less "social" activities, not that it matters, I can't really see myself being that social when im in the new house. Not that i can go play poker in the new house, its 2+ hours away. Look at Facebook isn't great either, people getting married, in relationships, or out traveling the world. While im stuck here, unable to really leave the house for more than a day. Feeling like my life is on pause due to being unable to achieve the smallest of things. Frankly i should probably just go for a walk, and write the story that's been in my head for years. It seems unlikely that doing no change will change anything, but then again it seems pointless. Doesn't help that this is the 3rd year in a row with nothing to really do on new years, its not the doing nothing, its the loneliness that gets me.
  11. Tooth got a minor fix, nerve gone out and temp filling until new year. Plus being off the drug has made me able to poop again. It was massive.
  12. So Tooth pain came in Saturday after drinking. It previously was there if put pressure on, nothing there day to day. Now its full blow pain all the time. Phone my dentist, they cant do anything till the 3rd of January. Phone NHS direct, who after 4 hours tell me to phone a number for a local emergency clinic with a reference number. Phone the clinic to find that they are closed, but one in ajacent town. Phone the second clinic to get no answer, but left a message. Have been unable to get through to them. Then i got a phone message saying that the second clinic will be closing, and to phone the first clinic as they will be open tomorrow. Maybe it would be easier if i just ripped it out, or just died. (Thankfully my father had some codeine left over, which is helping it nicely.)
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