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About Me

Oh look, I updated my "About Me" page. (New as of 21 May 2013.)

I can't do witty introductions these days, so here's a summary of what I'm responsible for:

  • death by flareshots
  • backburner strats
  • cleaver rocket jumping techniques
  • failed stairstabs, professional butterknifing
  • painfully slow sentry saps that alternate between shooting the engineer and sentry
  • sentries placed in the most obscure locations
  • the occasional POW, HAHA ticklefight
  • admin abuse and being the recipient of such abuse
  • apparent hacking in everything I do
  • New:  everything that goes wrong with the server

Also somewhat decent at basic Java stuff, at making Google queries (since apparently that's such a difficult skill to acquire), and possibly at being a lab rat. I'm a sucker for in-development stuff. Speaking of, how about that cp_snowplow?

I now have a GitHub page, in which projects will be upped and things will never be done! Check it out here.

Feel free to shoot me a friend request if you're not some random collector trying to get my numbered crafts (if you're on the forums, you probably play here often so you're fine).

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