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    Nintendo Switch

    Please don't give it another 32GB Hard Drive. That was already bad enough with the WiiU, this will not help with the Switch.
  2. I've been hearing a lot of shit about Samsung products in the past. And the Note7 has conviced me to not trust them for a while.
  3. Mahbonk

    Wiiu Discussion

    I might actually buy Color Splash. I keep seeing lots of positive feedback about the game. It's nice to see they've actually learned from their mistakes instead of giving away another tasteless Sticker Star game.
  4. Case 4 definitely wasn't all that bad, i actually liked most of it despite being very short. A bit sad that Athena isn't getting all that much in this game. But on the other hand, Athena was the was one of the main focus in Dual Destinies, so i think we got just enough of her in this game. I'm halfway trought Case 5, and holy shit it just keep getting better. I swear Capcom listened to all the complaints about AA4 and 5, and fixed most of them, either on the gameplay and story department. I'm really happy how they handled Trucy, and especially Apollo stories there. This is a so much better character development than "Apollo going nuclear for some reason", or Trucy being so damn one dimensional with " lol magic panties" as her only character trait in DD.
  5. I'm really liking it so far. It's shaping up to be one of the best AA game for me. However it does have a weak case. Case 4 is pretty much a filler. So don't get too hyped for this one. Hopefully case 5 will keep the momentum.
  6. 2 and 4 are pretty heavy on cutscenes 3 and V are definitely the more gameplay oriented games.
  7. Datas from my 3DS SD card got corrupted by my SD reader when i tried to make a back-up from them. I've lost everything on it , i have to buy a new SD card reader, and have to manually re-install all my digital games without saves. On the bright side, i may have an older back-up on my computer . But i don't know when was the last time i've saved them. Good thing most games saves are on the physical copies. Even thought Smash is affected by this, but get to keep the DLCs though.
  8. Also, those rideable pokemons seems to be replacing HMs now? Or at least make them optional. Which is something i would be very happy to see. HMs should have been retired gens ago IMO. I always hated giving up one or two moves/pokemons just for the sake of having HM slaves.
  9. For a second i thought Ninetail was going to be a ghost type.
  10. I like everything about her. Widowmaker can now truly freaking dies and be removed from the game for all i care.
  11. Mahbonk

    Wiiu Discussion

    Splatoon is going to have one final Splatfest
  12. Mahbonk

    E3 2016

    I squealed like a little girl at Kojima.
  13. Mahbonk

    E3 2016

    Looking for the new Zelda for sure. But on the Nintendo side i am not holding much hope and excitement for this year.
  14. That's pretty much me and my cousin 2 weeks ago. We had fun with Super Mario Maker when one of their friend came in to play. All he was doing is complaning about every single things about the game for the sole reason that "It's not like the old Marios". It doesn't matter if it was a very easy level or just literally a simple remake of a certain official level. He just kept complaining about everything, and say shit like "Mario Maker is a real insult to the original games", and acted like we never played a Mario game of our lives. Blind nostalgia like this just rub me the wrong way, and i was so close to punch him. Thanks god he left after that.
  15. Yeah Danger 5 is pretty good. It's on Netflix if you have it.
  16. The game is so much fun. So far i've been maining Reinhart, Mei, Winston, and Genji. Shall we post our Battle.Net ID so we can play all together? Mine is Jeedeon#1359
  17. From the lastest Humble Bundle I have Shantae & the Pirate Curse for both 3DS, and WiiU And Retro City Rampage for the 3DS with a theme if you want it.
  18. Mahbonk

    Wiiu Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arl3ACzJCBI TL;DW - More Star Fox Zero footages with a side-game coming seperatly - Weapon balance, and other adjustements for Splatoon - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games now coming on WiiU - New costumes, thwomp alternatives, and keys for Super Mario Maker. BUT STILL NO SLOPES GODDAMNIT!!!! - Tokyo Mirage Session #FE - Paper Mario : Sticker Star 2 Color Splash... - Twilight Princess HD - My Nintendo (New reward system to replace Club Nintendo) - Mario vs DK Amiibo Challenge ( Free-to-play) - SNES VC games New nintendo 3DS exclusives - Fire Emblem Fate DLCs - New season Pass for the 3DS version of Hyrule warrior. And Medli free for both versions - MONSTER HUNTER GENERATION (Cross) - AND THEN THE MOST PATHETIC APOPLOGIES, AND MORE SHILLING ABOUT METROID PRIME FEDERATION FORCE - Rythm Heaven Remix coming to the West - And a new 3DS Kirby game with Mecha power-ups + Kirby Amiibos.
  19. Ok that's it! I'm digging my own grave and burry myself alive. Please never EVER wake me up! Thanks Microsoft!
  20. I'm surprisingly having fun with it despite being limited by the lack of the features from the later games. You won this time, nostalgia!
  21. Got my Nendo Kirby. It's pretty nice. The limbs are held by magnets so you can move them around wherever you want. And the little guy is so soft to the touch.
  22. Well, Gravity Falls is over. Life is now meaningless...again.
  23. Damn all that pachinko stuff..but Gumshoe in glorious 3D is all i needed to see.
  24. Mahbonk

    Wiiu Discussion

    Long time no see, thread. Bayonetta and Corrin are going to be released this next week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D6mh2NTKG4 Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPLNKCfoPUw Sakurai was at the tournament where this last footage came from, and he said that the next balance patch will be the very last as well.
  25. Looks like NA players won't be able to pet their favorite waifus or husbandos.
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