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    Double Drop Rate Week

    That's a bit of an outlandish claim as to how the system works, but it does explain why the drop cap seems to vary from player to player, week to week.
  2. OmegaBlade

    Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    I was just thinking that Zero sounds like Lelouch Lamperouge...who also goes by Zero. But yeah, Johnny Yong Bosch is awesome. XD
  3. OmegaBlade

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  4. OmegaBlade

    Mabinogi Heroes: Vindictus

    Right, I've been playing a lot of Vindictus lately. Scythe Evie, if you're curious. It's awesome. =D
  5. OmegaBlade

    World Of Warcraft Is Super-Cheap!

    As the thread title suggests, World of Warcraft is on sale. The entire collection of what's out right now (Classic, Burning Crusade, and WotLK) can be bought altogether for just $20 - $10 for Lich King, $5 apiece for the others. This deal runs until November 30th. Now, here's the gig. My only experience with the game was a 10-day trial period some two or three years back. I got bored with it before the trial period ran out. Lately though, I've been browsing through MMORPGs like Vindictus (which is a keeper in my books) and Lineage II (which...isn't). So considering this fantastic deal, plus my somewhat-renewed interest in MMOs, do you guys think I'm ready for a World of Warcraft renaissance?
  6. OmegaBlade

    World Of Warcraft Is Super-Cheap!

    Personally, I'm okay with how the game played. My only complaint with WoW when I played it was that all the quests felt like the same thing over and over again, which is why I got bored with it. If the flow is improved that much, odds are it'll stick this time. In any case, I went for the package deal. As soon as I get a free moment, I'll pop in and make some magic happen. But finals start next week, so I need to prepare for that too.
  7. OmegaBlade

    World Of Warcraft Is Super-Cheap!

    That's fairly reassuring. There's now a 75% chance that I'll go for it. =P
  8. OmegaBlade

    Black Ops

    I brought my XBox to college, and someone broke one of my controllers playing Black Ops on it. Thankfully it was less than a week old, so I got it replaced under warranty, but still. >_>
  9. OmegaBlade

    Those Crazy Europeans.

    Just Cause 2 has nothing on these guys.
  10. OmegaBlade

    What Should I Name Or Describe My ...

    I named my Fire Axe "The Red Knight."
  11. OmegaBlade

    O> Holy Mackerel; L> Powerjack

    One Polycount melee weapon for another! Who wants to make a deal? Here's my Steam profile: http://steamcommunit.../id/OmegaBlade/
  12. OmegaBlade

    Tf2 Update: Oct 27

    Oh, well thank goodness for that. You have dispelled my worries rather handily, good sir. =D
  13. OmegaBlade

    Tf2 Update: Oct 27

    Wait. The Headtaker requires two refined metal? Crap, there's no way I'm gonna get that before November 9th. =(
  14. I made this video to show how badly bots fail against the HHH. Hilarity ensues! =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLgN5Ibp5u4
  15. OmegaBlade

    What Should I Name Or Describe My ...

    I got a second name tag this morning! So I decided to name two things. First, the Holy Mackerel was renamed "A Very Silly Slaughterfish." Second, the Shotgun was renamed "Demon Repellant Spray."
  16. OmegaBlade

    What Should I Name Or Describe My ...

    I got a name tag today, and I think I'm gonna use it to name one of my Scout weapons. Here are my ideas: Scattergun: Shotgun by Another Name Force-a-Nature: Fan of the FaN Shortstop: Papa's (Purple) Peppergun (If we ever get to paint weapons) Pistol: PP7 Bonk!: Energy for Gamers Crit-a-Cola: Critz Ahoy Bat: Bink Bink Bink Sandman: It's Raining Balls Holy Mackerel: A Very Silly Slaughterfish
  17. OmegaBlade

    Tf2 Lazy Valve Collections

    Can't forget about the Shortstop's shells floating just below the barrel of the gun when you're not firing.
  18. OmegaBlade

    Gadget's Garage Bazaar

    I'd like a Holy Mackerel for 1 Scrap Metal, please. http://steamcommunit...m/id/OmegaBlade
  19. OmegaBlade

    Zuul's Stuff

    Yep. http://steamcommunity.com/id/OmegaBlade
  20. OmegaBlade

    Zuul's Stuff

    I want one of your Degreasers, please! I'll offer a Vita-Saw, Darwin's Danger Shield, or a selection of Vintage items in exchange. My backpack is linked in my signature, and all the aforementioned items are on the bottom of Page 3. Of course, if you see anything else you like, feel free to point it out.
  21. OmegaBlade

    The Writing Thread

    Good stories for the 250-word limit. Whenever I have the time and inspiration, I like to come up with ideas for stories myself. Usually I find some way to stick it in my be-all end-all magnum opus, Demigod. Here's the link: http://sites.google.com/site/flashblenderstudios/chapter1
  22. OmegaBlade

    Dota 2

    Interesting. Although I can't help but imagine the worst-case scenario: Activision sues Valve for copyright infringement.
  23. OmegaBlade

    Trading Degreaser For Reclaimed Or Polycount Weapon

    Wut. Okay, how about my Vintage weapons? I've got four of them up for trade: a Bonk, Eyelander, Blutsauger, and Razorback. Take your pick.
  24. OmegaBlade

    Trading Degreaser For Reclaimed Or Polycount Weapon

    I have a Vita-Saw and Darwin's Danger Shield. Do we have a deal?
  25. OmegaBlade

    Gragas' Barrel Of Items

    I have a few Vintage items up for trade. How about a Vintage Bonk! for one of your spare Polycount weapons? =P A link to my backpack's in my sig, if you wanna peek through it. Everything that's currently up for trade is on Page 3 in the lower-right.