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  1. When one starts wandering into thoughts like these, it's usually beneficial to ask yourself why you play games. And no, the answer is never really as simple as "because I like to". Praise or derision are never valid reasons for judgment by themselves. Really, dig deep into the kind of pleasure you derive from them, and where that pleasure comes from specifically. Why do I play games? To take a break from the complexity of life and indulge myself in smaller worlds governed by relatively simpler rulesets. To me, story is nothing but garnishment, much like graphics, audio, and music - all the aesthetic stuff in other words. They ARE important, for sure, but they mean absolutely nothing without strong mechanics. If I wanted to read stories, I would read literature. If I wanted to watch cutscenes, I would watch movies. What separates games from other artforms is their interactivity and the rulesets that govern this. This is why I love videogames: they contain every other artform, transforming them through interactivity into a kind of second reality (which is to say, virtual reality). What? Does this sound ridiculous to you? Give it a few years, maybe decades, and they'll have the VR thing down pat, far beyond the Oculus Rift and all of its contemporaries.
  2. True, but only if you consciously decide everyone is an idiot. There are geniuses to be found for sure, and they are usually the ones stirring up the ire of the vast majority of the internet. The hard part is figuring out which one leads to health and which to decadence.
  3. I know what it means. I made the mistake of posting too early and have edited it to make my meaning more clear. And now you've gone and deleted your post, which makes me sound like a rambling idiot.
  4. What does TL;DR mean? For context, say you write up a fairly long post about something. Then someone (preferably someone who has been following the thread and posting quite regularly) comes along and says this. Truthfully, it means "I never cared about this subject to begin with"
  5. Just about every person ever keeps telling me Bullet Witch is crap. But it fascinates me to no end and I fucking want to play it.
  6. Streaming Valdis Story: Abyssal City for a little bit. http://www.hitbox.tv/ESD It was most certainly a little bit.
  7. I think this depends on two things: -Whether or not the mechanic is natural and makes sense in the gameworld (does the result of using this mechanic feed back into the game? rather than into something relatively meaningless like scoring or rating), and -The cognitive ability of the player and their willingness to experiment (pay careful attention to what happens when you press a button in different situations. it sounds stupid, but people are stupid.) Sure, everyone can immediately grasp a game with simple mechanics, but there are a few who can immediately grasp complex ones as well. I only needed a couple of plays in Senko in order to understand everything that was going on and I never had to look at a manual. Not that I could understand what it says anyway!
  8. Senko no Ronde: DUO is pretty goddamned cool.
  9. ESD

    Shovel Knight

    ...Huh. How difficult is Shovel Knight? I haven't watched or seen anything beyond the trailers.
  10. Highlight is the Emperor phone strap, but I'm also glad I own the Advance Wars series again.
  11. http://awbw.amarriner.com/ Surprised this is still around.
  12. http://jojo-animation.com/core_sys/images/main/cont/cd/ost/09.mp3 From beginning to 0:30. http://jojo-animation.com/core_sys/images/main/cont/cd/ost/23.mp3 From 0:12 to 0:42. Source: http://jojo-animation.com/contents/cd/ots.html
  13. It has been six and a half years since the last Advance Wars.
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