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  1. Happppy Birthdayyy :3

  2. Chloe

    Playstation 4

    What I took from that announcement: wear a suit jacket and jeans or GTFO Also Diablo 3? Really? Was there really a demand for that?
  3. Today someone hugged me and said, "Meeting you has changed my life for the better." I was too happy to say anything in reply.
  4. Diablo III account hacked and someone replaced all my life on hit items with gold find. Damnit!
  5. Man, people are fucking confusing. I can't really make anyone happy even when I do exactly what they tell me.
  6. It's too damn hot. I know "OMG it's summer" and all but fuck, this is insane. We're in this huge ass drought and it's hot. I walk to work every day and our office is in an old building. My apartment is in an old building and my window unit air conditioner can only do so much. We've been having nonstop 96+ humid days and today it was over 100 until the sun went down. Fuck, that is just too hot.
  7. Posting on peoples profiles is still cool. right?

  8. Chloe

    E3 2012

    While at work, I listened to a friend do a running (and scathing) commentary on the E3 feed. Basically, it went like this:
  9. Awww that's so sweet : ) It makes me smile too.
  10. You get knocked down and you get onto your feet. You fall off the horse and then ride it like a pro when you climb back on. Times and love heals all things. Beer helps.
  11. "Boy, you really are a feisty girl." :3 I'm tough as nails, boy!
  12. There are some ugly hearts out there. You've got some really fucking abhorrent views. Never speak to me again, please.
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