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  1. I just put a Steam group together so its easier to contact each other, come and join! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Smashbrosnom
  2. I was just short of getting Platinum.. Anyone have any leftover codes? Edit: THANK YOU MAHBONK!
  3. Anyone having luck with getting Nidorans with hustle? I've been wanting to raise a Nidoking with sheer force, and apparently Nidorana and Nidoqueen are unable to breed with anything.. Also I have a bunch of eevees I've been breeding over the past week that need a loving home.
  4. The festive spirit of desperados~
  5. I've always wondered what competitive Tf2 is like. I would like to sub for demo if possible.
  6. Act3

    Outdoor School

    You are in middle school, being forced to attend outdoor school next week. Despite not wanting to go, you discover you can choose your counselor while attending. Counselors will be staying in your cabin along with 3 other students and will pretty much tell you what to do. Still upset about being forced to attend, you sit at your desk and fill out the application to request your counselor... So who would you want to be your outdoor school counselor? Choose an Admin (or non-admin) and explain why. Happy camping~ And look out for bears.
  7. Thanks to Suwa for Binding of Isaac, you're awesome ; u;
  8. Act3

    Spiral Knights

    Making CE is defiantly not my strong point in this game, I just have a measly 68 CE left after crafting my shivermist buster months ago.
  9. Act3


    I didn't know what to think at first, but then I saw Corey and everything was okay.
  10. Won third place in a cosplay contest today, my Dr. Stein was a real crowd pleaser and won a pretty cool bag too~
  11. Those spiral knight promos are a definite want for me, but I have no interest in the total war games D:
  12. I'll take number 51, since 3 is already taken D:
  13. With the MvM update going on, Rule change 19 was posted while we weren't looking. And some Blitz fixes Also new blitz uniforms.
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