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  1. Gadgeteer

    Web Censorship Bill Approved

    Signed both. Now I can say I've done something good for my country, even if it's just one small thing.
  2. Gadgeteer

    Symphony Of Science - Onward To The Edge

    This is the correct use of autotune.
  3. Gadgeteer

    Everyone Do This.

    It must be awesome to work at Google.
  4. Gadgeteer

    Quantum Levitation

    Another reason why room temperature superconductors would be AWESOME.
  5. Gadgeteer

    Meanwhile, In Russia

    I wouldn't be surprised if that started with excessive amounts of Vodka. Then again, who would?
  6. Gadgeteer

    R.i.p. Steve Jobs

    Not only did he make our lives a little more comfortable, but his ideas will inspire generations to come. Goodnight Steve. RIP.
  7. Gadgeteer

    The Gift Of Flight

    When you can fell armies singlehandedly, nothing is impossible.
  8. Gadgeteer

    Gmod Idiot Box 10

    This made my day.
  9. Gadgeteer

    Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

    It's a neat game, especially if you like pure strategy. I'd play more myself if I had more time.
  10. Gadgeteer

    Now You're Thinking With Screenshots

    I love the music that plays though the video. It's so fitting.
  11. Gadgeteer

    The Inspector

    That was quite silly indeed. O_Q
  12. Gadgeteer

    Fort Team Charlie

    That was actually very interesting. I can see this going places.
  13. Gadgeteer

    Borderlands 2

    If #2 is half the game Borderlands is, I just might drop on day one. More power to them if the PC version is not a blatant console port.
  14. Gadgeteer

    Kerbal Space Program

    I've played around with it a bit. There's not a lot to it right now, but it has potential. It's kinda like how Minecraft was back in alpha.
  15. Gadgeteer

    Steam Summer Sale

    Terraria is 75% off right now. This sale clams another $2.50 from my account. Thanks Schmoofy for the heads up!