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  1. Ager


    Is this thing still on?
  2. Ager


    Ridiculous loading times during the alpha. Also, even though this is a five-player game, you can only make a party with 4 players. The monster will always be a random person.
  3. Fuck, I missed another one of those. Lemme know if you organize another
  4. I have a tendency to either push or drive people away with my social paranoia, I no longer know how to meet new people, and I will die alone and forgotten. Merry shitscram.
  5. Removing GFWL was fairly painless, but I can't be arse to replay the game atm. Followed the steps just because.
  6. That looked like something out of a Rubberfruit video also, wow, this update ain't pulling anyone back to TF2
  7. ok, but what about my internet usage how's this work
  8. The fanwank is that the "hilt" is two exhausts for the laser. Science!(?!???!)
  9. Like I said, Facepunch's reaction as whole. Despite the American law enforcement having a long history of attacking black people with extreme prejudice (proven guilty or not), they refuse to believe race is the catalyst for this whole powder keg. Cops will do their best to take in a white criminal alive, but have no qualms with killing black suspects on the spot, even children. This has happened time and time again, and it's no wonder people are revolting. You tell this on Facepunch, and get boxes thrown at you. "It's not about race, the jury said there wasn't enough evidence, bla bla bla". Yes, because god forbid a man is wrongfully incarcerated, let alone go on trial for the shooting of a civilian in the shadiest circumstances. Thankfully, people are never wrongfully sent to jail or get the death sentence after a rushed trial. Sorry for ranting, Facepunch does that to a man.
  10. Whereas Tumblr is aggravatingly self-righteous, but reading FacePunch's thread on the Fergusson riots is infuriating. So many dismissive reactions... They keep saying it's not a matter of race, but things would've turned out differently if Brown wasn't black. Either he would've been taken into custody alive or even left in peace. And if the cops killed a white man in such dubious circumstances, Wilson wouldn't have walked away from court like he did.
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