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  1. Guess it's that time of Summer Movies. Captain Underpants was really good I loved every moment. My inner 5 year old childhood humor all came crashing in and I haven't laughed so hard since forever. Pirates of the Carribean 5. I actually really enjoyed this one and there are some nice character ark closures. People kept criticizing it but I personally loved it. Just good ol action pirates movie that's all that matters really.
  2. 1070 Geforce is significantly faster than a 1060 Geforce. Definitely better for a long term run.
  3. Zotac just works just standard stuff they usually manufacture. I've had their GTX 560 and it ran fine. Personal favourite NVIDIA GPU manufacturer is EVGA though. EVGA has a program where if you buy a card and you aren't satisfied with it and say you want the 1070 instead you can pay the difference as long as you send it back to them. Their customer service are much better. But overall though, the brand doesn't really make too much differences. The only thing you should consider is the pricing and the specs like do I want a 3GB vs 6GB DDR5 version etc? Higher memory lets you take advantage of higher resolution textures more easily and more games are taking advantage of the VRAM usage a lot more these days. This will easily help in the long term for say 4K resolution games and maybe make like 5 fps difference in some games. For example, here in my Call of Duty 4 Remastered, it literally eats up this much amount of my video ram on my GPU at very high settings. Here's GTAV on my end You can check out the pricing at NCIX. EVGA 3GB DDR5 version http://www.ncix.com/detail/evga-geforce-gtx-1060-sc-b9-134742.htm EVGA 6GB DDR5 version (The one I have and it runs Overwatch in epic settings at 1080p) http://www.ncix.com/detail/evga-geforce-gtx-1060-sc-b9-133580.htm Zotac 6GB DDR5 version http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/zotac-zotac-geforce-gtx1060-6gb-ddr5-video-card-zt-p10600e-10h/10513471.aspx? Zotac 6GB DDR5 mini version http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/zotac-zotac-geforce-gtx-1060-mini-6gb-gddr5-video-card-zt-p10600a-10l/10460254.aspx? NCIX has the zotac version shown but they are in back-order so you might have to wait few days or weeks. Just to let you know the NCIX i go to is literally beside Coquitlam Centre Mall. http://www.ncix.com/contact/
  4. I made a dumb april fools joke and it got more views than all my other video views that I ever made. It was kind of sad how much people fall for clickbaits.
  5. yeah i heard about it. Everyone said the trailers and previews don't do it justice.
  6. Unfortunately if you want to keep Windows 7 you'll have to upgrade to Pro or Ultimate for the 192 GB ram limit. If you hack it to allow more than 16GB of ram for your Home Premium, you're breaking the Windows License. Look at your monitor display connectors. DVI is the current standard for computer monitors. Display connectors usually use two types of connectors. Analog and digital. VGA uses Analog. DVI uses digital and so does HDMI. DisplayPort is basically the new 4K monitor display but hardly any monitors use it. Most video cards support the use of analog cables to connect to their video cards. However some of the newer video cards are ditching VGA support all together because newer monitors are using 4K digital signal cables to display their monitors and ditching analog. Older video cards use a DVI-I so you can still use analog cable monitors for display in case you don't have a monitor that has DVI and are using a VGA to DVI convertor. However newer video cards use DVI-D so you can't use analog conversions. The Geforce 1000 series are now going all DVI-D instead of DVI-I. Analog is an old technology and is being phased out for good reasons.
  7. Yeah Windows 7 has a 16 GB Ram limit if you're using Home Premium. Pro and Ultimate are like 192 GB Ram limit. Windows 8 and 10 lifted that limit for Home so you can go beyond that. SInce you have a AMD Radeon 7700 series I suspect you have a minimum PSU (Power Supply) of 450W. So any GPU or graphic cards that supports 450W minimum should be sufficient enough for the later cards. I recently upgraded to a Geforce 1060 which is a good budget build since it runs almost every 1080p res games at near max settings. I run it GTAV with it at max with the exception of anti-aliasing as usual. Anything of the Geforce 1000 series at this point are built for support 4K resolutions optimization which is why so many of the newer cards run really amazing at 1080p resolution. I highly recommend the Geforce 1060 if you're going budget though. Especially the 6GB Video Ram version. I bought this one because it's much smaller than most 1060 Geforces and it's only 1 fan therefore it consumes way less power and it's pretty cool. I got it to run at 54 celsius on load whereas my old cards average at 60 celsius on load. http://www.ncix.com/detail/evga-geforce-gtx-1060-sc-b9-133580.htm?promoid=1590 You can also go for the 3GB Vram version if you don't need all that video ram http://www.ncix.com/detail/evga-geforce-gtx-1060-sc-b9-134742.htm?promoid=1590 But these days as things are moving to higher resolution textures and higher details and longer distances, those extra memory that video cards can take advantage of will be helpful in the long run. However be aware these cards nowadays are ditching VGA or analog signals. So you gotta have a proper HDMI, DVI and Display ports ready. Even the DVI ports don't allow you to use an analog VGA convertor on it anymore.
  8. kingddd

    Nintendo Switch

    FE echoes = 3DS game a remake of Gaiden Fire Emblem Echoes is actually a subseries that might become a new thing where they are remaking older Fire Emblems into the new engines. Similiar to how Pokemon does it. The first one is Shadows of Valiant which is a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden or 2. Technically we got 2 other ones before with Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem Heroes of Light and Shadow which were Fire Emblem 1 and 3 remakes. It is most likely an incentive to get people to play older titles now that FE13 has helped add a new install base that this was done to encourage others to play some of the older titles. Not to mention the accessibility of the games officially are difficult to get. Especially Fire Emblem 5. Fire Emblem Heroes is the mobile app game coming out next month for iOS and Android. Fire Emblem Warriors is for the new3DS and Switch. Similiar to Hyrule Warriors.
  9. nice duck. For me, I got my ZSS figma First thing I did
  10. Upgraded to a SSD and now I can choose whatever character I want before anyone else in Overwatch because jesus that loading
  11. man i'm glad i went google manufactured phone instead of samsung this time.
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