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  1. I am so very tempted to get this for my birthday seeing as it comes out the day after it. But I probably shouldn't since I just bought the witcher 2 and pre-ordered Deus Ex: HR.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk2wViKSh_M
  3. This was stuck in my head for a while. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/3980096/we-didnt-start-the-flame-war
  4. 3 mins for me. Steam lies. It been 12 mins and only halfway done. I'm so wound up I can't do anything but stare at the damn thing.
  5. The potato pack has left me with some extra games. I have these games to give away. Amnesia...................Sir Killingston Audiosurf..................Zlandael Cogs.........................Schmoofy Killing Floor...............Magikarp Super Meat Boy........Kingdom's Sword It's first come first serve. Kingdom, Zlandael, and Migikarp, you guys will need to accept my friend request before Steam lets me gift games to you. All games are claimed. Sorry if you didn't get here in time.
  6. Magicka Vietnam DLC was released today. It's 5 bucks, or if you don't have the base game you can get the complete version with all the DLC for $8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/42918/
  7. Favorite stock map: cp_dustbowl Favorite custom map: koth_loader_v2 Hated: cp_desperados_b2
  8. First 30 seconds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvw_R7UCGAA
  9. It looks like they are handing out US beta invites like candy. I singed up for the beta just a few hours ago and I already got my invite. Downloading the just under 6GB client as I type.
  10. I got these a few days ago. Best headphones I have ever used so far.
  11. Sadness. Oh well. I'll give this a try when out of beta. It can probably hold me over until this comes out. It's pretty similar to Black Prophecy but doesn't have instancing or skills. Its pure Newtonian twitch combat. With a procedurally generated universe and a seamless planetary engine (no god damn loading screens ever.) With a (hopefully) Eve like economy.
  12. This is the type of game I am extremely interested in. Although I do have some reservations about Black Prophecy. The biggest thing I dislike is instancing. It completely and totally breaks any sense of immersion for me at all. It also messes with the economy to some extent. It also, to me at least, makes it feel like any other old boring mmo. I also greatly dislike the idea of skills in any form. For me "skills" turns most games into boring grindfests. Also from one of the videos I saw, it looks like pvp will be only in arenas or you will have to challenge the other player beforehand. I know there are good arguments for having it that way, but for me it is a deal breaker. I could still play the game even with skills and instances, but not with limited pvp. I simply will not enjoy the game if I can't attack anyone, anywhere, without provocation or warning. One last thing I'm curios about is the flight system. Does it use Newtonian physics? As in can I cut my engines and just drift with out any loss of momentum? Will I have full 6 degrees of freedom? Basically, can I be a motherfraking viper pilot? Because if I can, I will never need another game for the rest of my life. To me the game-play videos look more like it uses a more arcade style system, but thats hard to know unless it's explicitly mentioned somewhere or until I actually play the game. Although the inclusion of skills makes me think it's more arcade style.
  13. It's been just over a year since I joined the forums. And apparently Ager has as well. That went fast.
  14. Not gonna lie. This is one of my favorite parts about pokemon. It gives me a nice long end game goal, and because i'm highly competitive kind of person, it lets me rofl stomp random people who challenge me. Or if they know what they are doing its a nice challenge. Even if I lose I still enjoy it because I can go back and figure out what went wrong and then fix it. But then again i'm the type of person who also loves tabletop wargaming. I can inhale 400+ page rulebooks over a weekend and still remember 90% of it like its nobody's business.
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