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    i am a simple man

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  1. elwood

    Merry Smissmas From Toast

    mr. joe deer totally ruined the christmas party him and his flatulence
  2. elwood

    Blog Update.

    [all of the goodies around st. nick] I am so happy to see those heavy gloves there.
  3. elwood

    Blog Update.

    Apparently the Engineer reads DC comics; namely Superman. Cutest Update of all updates.
  4. elwood

    Tf2 Update Dec. 1

    it seems he'd need more ammo pouches for that, considering the nature of the models specifically made for said ammo pouch. i'd really like to see if valve would do that just for the sake of two pocket-placed miscellaneous items... but i don't see good odds in it.
  5. elwood

    Tf2 Update Dec. 1

    wishful thinking would clip inside each other like some morbid teleporter mishap. pls moar advent gifts vlave
  6. elwood

    Everything Needs A Tail!

    Two more hours.
  7. elwood

    The Universal Picture Thread!

    LIMES: not even once.
  8. elwood

    Third Annual Scream Fortress Halloween Update

    So we've got some boss loot, too. Another "Horsemann's Head" kinda trophy: And a Bombinomicon Badge. I guess you get it by being sucked into a book on the map "Army of Darkness" style, though I have no idea.
  9. elwood

    Third Annual Scream Fortress Halloween Update

    That's crazy. You're crazy. On second thought, you are a rich man where you stand.
  10. elwood

    Third Annual Scream Fortress Halloween Update

    Eyeaduct is a terrible pun and whomever came up with it should feel very, very bad about themselves.
  11. elwood

    Dungeon Defenders

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u25BjvEl5SY This was the most attention-grabbing bit for me.
  12. elwood

    Tf2 Update - Special Manniversary Update

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpF9Jvs-LRM And that's the new music.
  13. elwood

    Tf2 Update - Special Manniversary Update

    Minecraft prerelease and big Team Fortress 2 update on the same afternoon. my body was not ready and what's a good TF2 update without promos
  14. elwood

    Mtm Outtakes Redubbed By The Real Medic!

    Meet the HUH UHH UNF UUF This was just silly the first time I heard it, but it's irrefutably admirable that Robin D would go out of the way to voiceover such a raw video.