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  1. I should've known, FRIO.

  2. Trading Chieftan challenge, bombing run, or handymans handle. I also have a vintage black bonk helm that I could trade. http://steamcommunity.com/id/trololololol-- add me so we can negotiate =)
  3. That medic kill was incredible I loved the scout frags
  4. add me on steam so we can discuss offers http://steamcommunity.com/id/trololololol-- I'm looking for other hats in return, or older hats + paint.
  5. I also use an "unofficial, official" copy of fraps, except mine works perfectly. Erm, my suggestion would be to reinstall another "unofficial" version of it. I just searched on youtube and that's how I got mine.
  6. Pulled off a nice headshot 2 hours ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFMwnJMZnxU
  7. Sorry to bump a two month old thread, but I think it deserves more posts My current ghetto rig, I sold everything from my last one and I'm using some random stuff that I scrapped together for 150$. Saving up for a nice 1600$ rig for my 3 monitor set up =) Some athlon x4 3.0ghz 2gb of value ddr2 ram asus ddr2 785g mobo western digital blue 500gb re-used old corsair tx650 nothing special
  8. Voltaic


    It has been collecting dust in my backpack, post offers bellow
  9. Yeah Dogood, I would get one if I could, but you can't run 3 monitors in 'surround sight" with a single card as in, it requires 2 nvidia gpus in sli to do it. How is it a headache? Heat, stuttering? "Sli problems" is a bit general Games... hm... Tf2 of course, l4d2, and some bfbc2, but not a lot
  10. I'm going to be building myself a new computer that will have to run on 3 20" monitors (4800x900 resolution) Maybe a bit of an overkill, but that's what I'd like to know. It should have to last me until 2011 christmas. I'll be buying everything on black friday since everything will be onsale then, so I should be saving a lot of cash there. I looked at the 6870, and it's a nice card. I heard it improves image quality or something. For the price, I think I'll be better off with the gtx 470 since I can add a 3rd later, have nice room for overclocking, and scale well in sli. I will also be water cooling this computer -cpu since the h50 is cheaper to get then a wb, extra tubing and barbs + all this other crap needed. So, I'll just be water cooling the gpu's. I really like this case, a lot of room and is the perfect hight for my desk. Now then, the screen shot: I do not need a hard drive, I got plenty lying around. Os i can get from school for 30$, and optical drive I have lying around as well . I would like to oc the i7 to its limits, and hopefully I can achieve atleast 4ghz. The main thing that concerns me is the gpu, and if I should go the gtx 460 route if it is enough. I do not need 120fps at 4800x900, if it is stable at 60, I'm alright
  11. mad milk and a reclaimed metal?
  12. mad milk and vita saw for it?
  13. Triboniophorus Tyrannus aka. Brainslug's retarded cousin For my vintage vintage tyro
  14. I just got a double vintage Tyrolean. To bad I don't play medic. AT ALL.
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