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  1. Some of the old forum members are on a discord? Nice! Post the links whenever you can.
  2. Oh my. It's been an eternity since I've last seen these names! Hell, if we could schedule out a little Halloween reunion on an October weekend that'd be nuts! I'd love to play some random shenanigans while catching up with ya'll.
  3. Hope everyone had a really freakin awesome Christmas! New years is right around the corner so lets all go nuts!
  4. Yeah, these Birthday Wishes are not late WHATSOEVER!! ...Happy Late Birthday!
  5. I don't mind when people are chill at work but when people DON'T work or skate by is when I get pissed. Got a Co-worker who will not work, when told to do something will work a little bit then pawn his job off to others or just leave, and tries to lie about how much of a hard worker he is. THEN he has the audacity to give me orders and thinks he is in charge when I outrank him. When a friend of mine who is a much higher rank confronts him about not working he lashes back "Oh yeah!? Can you PROVE I'm a bad worker!? Where is the evidence? I didn't think so." .......heheheh, fucker made some powerful enemies. He kinda forgot I went through ALS (Airman Leadership School) which means I CAN write his ass up and give him paperwork and my buddy is an NCO. I hate writing paperwork but if it's for nailing scumbags to the wall then so be it.
  6. When flying back from Mainland Japan I was listening to the top selling Pop albums channel on the plane and heard this song: Song is: Last Virgin by Radwimps The song itself is mellow and when I saw the video I thought it was really creative.
  7. Bought a Dom Perignon 2004. I've never had a Dom Perignon before but I got one for the New Years so my wife and her family can enjoy it for the first time as well. It better be worth it cause it cost quite a penny.
  8. DAAAAAYUM it's (was) Soul's Birthday?! Well Happy Fuckin' Birthday to you sexy!! Sorry for the late reply. Hope you got awesome gifts and an even awesome-er day! P.S. Merry Christmas too!
  9. Damn Panda I missed your birthday. Well screw that, I'm gonna wish you a late one! Happy late Birthday dude! Hope your Birthday and Christmas rocked the whole world!
  10. Dear God that's hot! Good to hear you're still kickin' Schmoofy!
  11. So.........looks like someone is going to be a father.... HOLY SHIT!!!!
  12. Was superstoked to finally try the new Persona 4 Arena 2 game! Really enjoyed having Junpei and Yukari to the mix (but I could care less about the new guy). My buddy and I decided to pull out our old Data cards and start anew with our mains! He mained Teddy and I mained Naoto. I fair better against him but he comes at me with some surprises. Fighting against him I already feel Teddie being more of an annoyance with his new Auto combo and a lot more new Toys! Naoto.....now has a reload meter after firing her gun. At first I thought it was a neat balancing since it prevents lame spammers who sit in a corner and fire all day, but the reload takes about 5-10 seconds! I was always finding myself holstering my gun because I didn't have anymore bullets and not finishing combos. He mopped the floor with me 0-3. Grrrr....gonna take solo trips to the arcade to learn the intricacies of the revamped Naoto.
  13. Today was the big announcement here in Japan for Persona related stuff. We knew the Persona 3 Movie #1 (Awesome! A series of Movies!) was coming out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9DijClUWEo Persona 4 Arena 2 is hitting the Arcades next month: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZBNY4JY8l0 A strange Persona Q game for the 3DS..damnit, I have to get a 3DS: http://p-ch.jp/ And Finally.....PERSONA 5!.....comes out next year winter for PS3......this is gonna be a painful wait: http://persona5.jp/
  14. I just....wow...I mean....I don't understand how you can be a Master Sergeant with that way of thinking but....Jesus help us. We had a Resiliency day, and after hearing a very shitty childerns story analogy about how our Supervisors and Leaders are dumb farmers and all us enlisted guys are donkey's being buried alive by said leaders, our own boss goes on to teach us that it's okay to be assholes and just generally treat some people like shit cause "Oh, that's just HIS/HER personality. Why don't you respect being insulted and learn to deal with it" which, by the way, is the complete FUCKING opposite of what you learn about being an NCO at Airman Leadership School (ALS) let alone a Senior NCO. Also calls out one guy in the meeting a "Creepy weirdo" about 8 times in front of all of us. I just wanted to explode my anger at our boss at where she gets the nerve to say that to people. And then bringing up a scenario about how it's okay that a guys wife has a boyfriend on the side and encouraging that behavior....my fucking mind hurts soooo bad....
  15. Was visiting my Local Family Mart to get my Curry-Man and Boss Coffee (rainbow blend, baby!) and saw a Poster for Persona 3 merchandise. Also talks about a Persona 3 Movie coming out this Nov 24th. I go inside to see a whole bunch of fun things to win in a raffle. Elizabeth's Grimore book, a Persona 3 Envoker, The main prize figurines: The main character & Elizabeth, mini chibi figurines of all the characters, keychain sets of all the characters, and hand towels. I drew 2 raffles and lucked out getting Elizabeth's Grimmore book and an Envoker! Find out it's a squirt gun but it looks so bad ass!
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