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  1. Because why not. You see, I have a Cupsell shop. I can sell shirts. The problem is, i don't have any custom logos. So here's the plan: I make some nom3 shirts, people buy them, you get slightly more famous in Poland, and I get moneys. Simple as that. Is gud? Also, since we're talking about advertising:
  2. Can't play football (soccer, whatever) because glasses. And no, no contact lenses. Because of reasons. Cool. I'm just gonna play Skyrim or something. Forget I said anything about going out.
  3. Fokkusu

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    GUYS I'm bored as hell. And I can't play standard games because this laptop is so ughhh. Any browser games worth playing? Or some free MMOs? ... Also good luck Baker.
  4. I know, it's just... It's not the same. Most of the time they're just acting silly or don't look scary at all (like the internet's favourite Overly Attached Girlfriend, i mean look at her face. DURRR). I'm talking about the real deal. ... And I seriously don't know why I'm talking about such things. Maybe I'm just looking for something adrenaline-raising (like escaping from a yandere, Meytal Gear style, cardboard boxes included). Or maybe my depression forces me to talk about it. Either way I should stop talking right now because I just had a brief episode of shitty ideas. I just wonder what kind of freaky shit my twisted mind will come up with next time I'll post something here. (Sorry if that sounded weird, but right now it's 2 in the morning, plus there's no way I'm going to be sane in that kind of temperature. Seriously, it's way too hot to think normally.)
  5. Jesus fucksticks moths everywhere. Even if I use bug poison/repellent/whatever it is - they just don't give a shit and fly around in a room filled with poison. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU MADE OF Also: Why there are some types of people that only exist in fantasy or something? We need variety, dammit. We need more weird people in our world, guys.
  6. Depression, people getting offended over the smallest things, and the fact that I can't play with you guys without my ping skyrocketing. That is all.
  7. Prepare for some ranting, written by yours truly. MAN I LOVE THIS FUCKING WORLD I AM DEFINITELY NOT SARCASTIC DON'T YOU GET IT
  8. GUYS WHY DO I FEEL LIKE A SACK OF SHIT RIGHT NOW Oh, right. Depression. Almost forgot about you. No, no, I am perfectly fine... with being alone... how many years? Oh, that many. No, no, it's okay. Make yourself at home.
  9. Fokkusu

    Someone Has Burfday.

    I give you three guesses.
  10. So yeah, first things first: Paint for a paint. Second: I'm looking for the Fast Learner, and some tags. My backpack is here. Everything on page 4 is up for trade. Yes, even that ticket.
  11. In case someone was wondering: ಠ_ಠ
  12. Since I'm way too lazy to answer that: Straight form the Wiki. Either they are drunk, or not Polish. Check if they are working. If yes, they aren't from Poland.
  13. In Michigan, huh? Never knew that. The more you know~ I know pączkis are tasty. I have no sodding idea why it's pronounced like that. The mysteries of the Polish language. Kinda like this: Also it's kinda amusing to say that. In Poland "pączki" is a plural form of "pączek". But here... yeah. Pączkis. *giggle*
  14. Oh you. No, not that kinda Polish, silly Zetsu.
  15. After a lot of time spent derping around on the Internet, I've realized one thing. The stereotypes about Poland an Polish people. No, no, this is not a rant topic. I want YOU to ask questions about Poland and Polish people. You can ask silly questions, serious questions, i don't care. Because there are some things to be clarified here. (We are not Russians in disguise, and we are not drunk all the time.) Why am I doing this? Because I'm the only Polish regular here, so... yeah. I have to represent my country... I guess. Also I think I owe you guys an apologise. I made a "Hello again" thread a long ago, saying that I'm back to TF2... and that's it. I didn't actually returned. But now I do! ...I think. So! Ask some questions. Go ahead.