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  1. Been watching Mob Psycho 100. Already read the manga but the anime is doing such a good job on adapting it that I don't really care. The animation has an amazing style and the characters are pretty fucking good. If you liked One Punch Man, do check out Mob Psycho 100. In a way I like it more than OPM. Also the new JoJo season. Their songs are godlike (but Koichi is still anooying even though I read the manga and I knew he was like that)
  2. So I finally built my own computer. It feels great Took me like 2 months of planning and another 2 months of waiting for the final part (fucking singapour mail).
  3. the years have taught me, the word fandom will never end in a good place
  4. Computer started showing green blinking lines whenever the screen should've shown black. Looked up the problem and apparently my GPU is dying, and because it's a Mac it's gonna be harder to fix. After some talking I convinced my father to buy me a new computer, but I decided that I wanted to build one. I asked a friend and he gave me a list of parts for a good computer. So in the end it was a blessing in disguise. This laptop hold for 5 years ever since I started college and now it's finally going down. I already made a backup and now I just have to wait a bit.
  5. After the DAC (first big tournament organized by Valve outside The International that was hosted in China), China has been the joke of the community in terms of production value. Lack of communication and production even though they get a lot of money to do things right. Dota isn't even that big in China anymore, considering LoL took the front seat. The chinese dota teams have also been losing so much, there's only 1 of them in the upper brackets in their fricking country tournament. And in terms of James being fired, I do agree he should have prepared himself more after not knowing about the scene for a while but his hosting style was the same as it has been before. I'm not sure if taking the more professional route for the major events is the way to go with Dota, considering the community was brought up by people like James with making things fun for people. Now that James is out, the hosts are even afraid of doing jokes. That's not how it should be, because to be honest even though the hosts are doing a great job keeping everything going I just am bored when there are no games going. There is no real banter nor entertainment for me watching people discuss the same thing over and over again. Also Gaben calling James an ass is seriously unnecessary. Not only he never actually talked in person with him, he made his own best friend fire him. Right now Gaben seems like the ass here.
  6. I do recommend Steins;Gate, pretty great anime. You should watch it as soon as possible. Also recommend reading the manga for One-Punch man, there are 2 versions of it: one extremely well drawn, and the webcomic. They are the same but the webcomic is more advanced in the story as the other one is using it as a base.
  7. I started watching some Osomatsu-san, a pretty good revival of a series actually nobody knows about nowadays (can't say I did). A gag anime featuring sextuplets with all of them having different personalities but all of them being idiots in their own way. It's pretty fun and I've enjoyed it thoroughly up until what has been aired. Also the openings are pretty good. Right now I'm waiting for Jojo part 4 and thinking of watching "boku dake ga inai machi" although I hear it's quite sad so I think I'll wait for it to end. oh also I watched Anohana...god damn that ending...it killed me. Made me feel.
  8. to be honest, it doesn't have much of a backstory of the character but of the group. I used to have a dragonborn with the same group but I went to Japan for 4 months so when I came back I decided to make a new character. I didn't know what I wanted so took inspiration from Chrono Trigger and made a frog character. After that I just talked with our DM about the frog race being sort of clerics that are always about going the good path (there's actually a path god). And then I just joined the party because they seemed like fellows who would travel far and wide. The thing is, clerics are a bit OP in 3.5 so I can summon a water elemental and because I'm a frog I can crawl inside it and control it like a jaeger in Pacific Rim so that's why there's the water elemental.
  9. that's awesome, goombac. I decided to draw a character from a DnD recently. Not as amazing as goombac but I think it came out ok:
  10. I know it's designed to not max it with everyone. I just wish they could explain it in the beginning. when I saw the support thing I just tried whatever was in it without thinking about it. I'm not bitter though, next time I'll just have to watch out. Also I had a blast while playing it so it's all good. Hopefully Radiant Dawn will be a similar experience I did read about that and I am glad it's not like that in PoR.
  11. path of radiance friend has been insisting on me playing fire emblem as he loves them and after we saw the last smash direct with the newest FE protagonist he made me finally play it. My only complaint is that the support conversations are really limited and you can't max it with everyone. It's also not intuitive so by the time I understood how to do it I already used a lot of conversation without maxing any relationship. But it was really fun and he's going to lend me radiant dawn as well.
  12. finally played a fire emblem after years of not caring about it it's good.
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