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  1. SO! Yesterday, Friendship is Magic finally debuted in Brazil! ...and it debatable if it was worth the wait :| The translation is pretty good, altough not perfect. But the voices... I'll only mention the Mane cast: Well done: AJ is the best, followed by Rarity. Could be better: Twilight and Fluttershy were pretty okay, but I'm not quite okay with their acting. As for Pinkie Pie, while it seens the VA is trying, the voice doesn't match the character. What is this I don't even: Brazilian Rainbow Dash is... well, remember Polish Spitfire? Eeyup! If anyone's curious, here you go: And the songs? I fear for the rest of the season... http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXN730jAwoU But all things considered, it could be a lot worse!
  2. In Brazil, they're playing at the Gala. That's right, they are a musical band!!! ...I wonder how much efford these translators are putting in it. I have to agree with this.
  3. third time it's a cha- MY EYES!!!
  4. I never, ever, entered the Steam forums, but since it goes a little beyond than that... Well, changing password. Better safe than sorry, and it's not that much of a problem. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ Hehe
  5. May I present (or should I say, "offend") you with the Brazilian version, with Rainbow Shy, Flutterdash, Accentlessjack and Two-voice Pie: At last, the series is coming to Brazil, but if it's going to be like THAT... good thing I'm already with a translation team! What Sukotto said!
  6. >3:26 AM >"I should be sleeping a LONG time ago" >still browses pony stuff >find this: TIME WELL SPENT but seriously, good night!
  7. I really loved the episode. The whole sibling bickering, THEIR PARENTS OUTTA NOWHERE, the competition.. I loved it all! The best moment was when Rarity was... erm, everyone watched it already, right? Well, spoilers! But the very best part is at 3:58 Who wants a hug?
  8. Firefox, and nothing happened :| OTL
  9. Typed, went straight to the search results. >News for Do a barrel roll >"Do it! Make Google 'do a barrel roll'" Oh, so that's it. Shame it won't do a barrel roll for me
  10. Congratulations, Fat Cat! You just convinced me to buy this game. And in good time, too. Pre-order was almost over on Steam =D Anyway, suggestions (mostly because Goombac posted the Mario Party songs): Honestly, Round End and (most) Mario Party mini-game songs go amazingly well together
  11. Hehey, I'm flying! ...Oh crap. That might be annoying to some people (the "killing someone on the Underworld" part. I don't like it either), but I admit I laughed hard. Annoying scouts, all of them!
  12. Halloween week, zombies are here... Because Delorian, man, DELORIAN!!!
  13. MisterL

    Forum Name

    What do you me- Ohhh... Well, ya got me there. Nice move, Addi! *note to self: Don't take SHENANIGANS threads seriously*
  14. MisterL

    Forum Name

    To me, it's either Shenanigans or Tomfoolery. Shenanigans is so... firmly put in my mind. It's been shenanigans since the begining (I think), and thus it just sound right. But Tomfoolery also fits like a glove, and it would be a good option. Some ideas of my own: General Confusion (after "General Discussion") Skimble-Skamble (from here) Wibbly-Wobbly Nommy Stuff (from here) Pretty, Petty and/or Pathetic Posts' Proper Place (...I came up with that ) Inb4 Shenanigans gets elected for 2nd run
  15. MisterL

    Just You Wait

    We should make a list: [x] Duke Nukem Forever. [ ] Banjo Threeie [ ] Half-Life Ep. 3 What else?
  16. MisterL

    Just You Wait

    We're still waiting, right?
  17. DON'T COMPLAIN!!! YOU CAN CUT THROATS WITH THAT I HAVE A WATER BOTTLE, SHOULD I GIVE THEM A SPLASH?! [/Heartless] ...I need to stop posting here without actual pictures
  18. To my left I got: a metalic water bottle, Luigi, Flutteshy, Shy guy, a metric tape, two cloth clips and two empty ice cream boxes. ...The bottle still has some water at least. I'll take that.
  19. EDIT: ^Kev, I honestly read it "bear" *facepalm* I must say that I liked Sonic Colors, but not as much as Secret Rings. SR still is one of my favorite 3D Sonic games (I'm serious), IMO. Next to Heroes (I'm dead serious) and Adventure (1 and 2) Also, who else noticed the similarities here: Oh, and I'm in SPAAACE looking for co-op partner I know there's a thread for that, but I'm already here, and you're already reading this...
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