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  1. Got through maybe about, a quarter of Sausage Party. No. Just no.
  2. I spent more money than I care to admit on Loot boxes for the Overwatch lunar event, and still wound up having to drop 3k credit on Meis skin. Oh well
  3. Oh boy, the PC troubles are kicking back up again. Games locking up but still playing audio. Graphics card temps are fine, so it's not a heat issue. Drivers up to date. I'm really beginning to think there's something wrong with my power supply, as I've had some issues similar to this in the past. Pretty much everything but the power supply (Mobo, ram, cpu, gpu) has been replaced or upgraded, so It's the only consistant component from when I originally built this computer. Well I guess I'll just save up. I was planning on building a new computer anyway and switching to an i5 from my amd chip. At least I got my laptop to game on until then.
  4. I got D.va's new year skin. Now I just have to get at least one of Mei's. If I don't I may literally die.
  5. My body is the most ready.
  6. Dawn of the final day -5 hours remain-
  7. Holy shit, hot sauce on pizza is amazing. Why haven't I tried this before? This completely changes my outlook on life.
  8. I thought Zootopia was overhyped, people were going nuts and watching it multiple times in theaters. I thought there was no way it was that good... Boy was I ever wrong. Fantastic fucking movie. Good job, yet again, Disney.
  9. High of 72, low 60 on Christmas Day "Winter"
  10. I can't wait until these people try to get on a plane and someone realizes what phone they have. The FAA isn't having any of it. Hope they enjoy federal prison
  11. They have some pretty sad excuses. "I dont want another samsung phone thats a year old", "I weighed the risk and it's not worth the effort", "I NEED A STYLUS", "It's a corporate conspiracy" (I'm 100% serious someone argued that), and my favorite, "I'm keeping it so that when it does catch on fire I can sue Samsung for damages"
  12. The note 7 saga continues. Samsung is pushing a 'euthanasia update' that will prevent the phone from recharging as a last-ditch effort to make those stubborn people that kept their ticking timebomb return it. An boy, is r/GalaxyNote7 salty. Get some popcorn and check out the drama.
  13. Rough day at work. Worked 60 hours and Im exhausted. And to add the cherry on top of the shit sundae that was my day- trying to talk to this girl at work that I had a crush on, and kind of thought the feeling was mutual... Casual flirting- or so I thought- back and forth when we'd see each other at work. She mentioned she was going to be moving right after work. Sweet, I thought, I'll offer to help her move and maybe offer to go out afterwards. Then before I could even open my mouth to speak she casually said 'Yeah Im moving into my boyfriend's house'. Well, at least I didnt make a fool of myself. It's not the first, or even secondtim ethis has happened. Why do I always seem to thing girls are flirting with me when they're not? Life was easier when I thought nobody was interested inme. I guess I'll go back to that.
  14. A break from the political posts. Boy I sure am glad my new car has heated seats and remote start. Quite handy when it's 32 degrees outside and you're wearing shorts because you didnt check the forecast before leaving for work.
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