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  1. So apparently the last splatfest is happening
  2. K2.

    E3 2016

    Have nintendo shown anything other than pokemon and zelda
  3. K2.

    E3 2016

    That cocktease on crash. I mean remastered for ps4 yeah but that big thing for just that is odd No footage just Skylanders crash.
  4. K2.

    E3 2016

    they are hmm i'll need to go see what ones. South park 2 looks good.
  5. K2.

    E3 2016

    Man I forgot elderly scrolling online was a thing. Seems the crowd did to.
  6. the high point of spec ops is the story. Some would say the bland game play is another tool in the storytelling, others would say it's just a generic shooter with a good story.
  7. K2.

    E3 2016

    I'm looking for some sequels(doom,wolfenstein,R&C). I like the look of battlefield 1. Besides that I dunno
  8. Beat persona 4 golden today got the true ending. I can see why it is considered a game to get a vita either with or for.
  9. remember kids use your legs not your back to lift things
  10. I more meant the skill. Some of the puns weren't bad aka ones with actual effort put in.
  11. Yoo this transformers one handed run at adgq
  12. I've heard it's fixed now is it? Funny how xbl and psn are fine but steam messes up
  13. I wonder why so few big games are released in December
  14. Listened to some megadeth. Good band.
  15. K2.

    FDA on sugar

    Wonder how much money soda companies will have to use to make this dissappear
  16. and everyone cried or at least got teary-eyed from it. But then a mysterious count down clock appeared.
  17. does it have cool particle effects or no. Also is this pay for crates to pay to open.
  18. why do I find phrasing the lyrics of keep rollin as a question hilarious. move in and move out? hands up and hands down? keep rollin rollin rollin?
  19. Sister had little baby boy an hour ago.
  20. it is. It's weird wording.
  21. oh man bloodborne dlc with more plot and ton o weapons
  22. Got phantom pain good game. I see what people mean about story telling wise it isn't metal gear aka not a lot of cutscenes
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