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    Oh boy it's that time of year again.
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  1. Because she's the youngest of the group. Also cause reasons such as Dad 76
  2. I was too lazy the past two or so days (thanks Overwatch) but here's some swag I got from fanime
  3. *cough totally didn't just buy the game cough* Horizon#1596
  4. It's in open beta, so atm people can play it. Probably won't play though, cause don't know if laptop can handle it + finals are coming up soon.
  5. I just want to become a hermit for the rest of my life.
  6. ...He's British? HE'S BRITISH?
  7. Saw Zootopia. Pretty good.
  8. I went to a con recently, and I got some swag No judging on the love live kay?
  9. Also here for RWBY, this time from season 2 (shut up) and season 3. Really there are only two things I can say about this entire experience. and
  10. PSST YOU SHOULD GET MUMBLE TO JOIN THE SHITTERS THAT ARE ON MUMBLE. I like making cold brewed tea because I can use so much tea bags that I haven't really used all year.
  11. Whelp you just convinced someone to take a look at this game.
  12. I got one over break, didn't really feel the need to share until I realized there were more steam controller peeps. It's pretty good. I've mostly used it so far as a mouse + keyboard cause I'm lazy like that. I'm only really bummed that steam big picture has to be running in the background for the on screen key board to work, but meh. It's fine. Oh and It makes for a pretty decent gamepad too I guess.
  13. That feeling you get when you know spoilers about something but you don't want to say it but then someone said something and you're like "GOOOOOOOOD I WANT TO SAY IT BUT I CAN'T" It's about Fire Emblem Fates, but aSDfsadfajdfkla;jdf;ladjkf;.
  14. Bullet heaven 2 will be the death of me
  15. Oh boy it's that time of year again.
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