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  1. You know how its better to just get rid of the negativity from your life and avoid it to be happier? It sucks when its something you'd enjoyed and had so much fun with in the past. But its gotta happen. I'm out.
  2. Stitches

    Art thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Yeah but I didn't intend it to be different. FINISH PRODUCT.
  3. Stitches

    Art thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

    People who can draw Mechas are like fucking wizards, holy shit. N I really like the folds in the clothing Fatcat, dayum son. I forced myself to draw and it totally doesn't look like its my usual style. fUCK.
  4. Stitches

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Angel you are such a beefcake. YOU GO GURL.
  5. Stitches

    What If...

    Ruby's. Oh my god. Big old greasy burgers, huge onion rings, frosty milkshakes, 50's themed diner with little TVs that plays old black and white cartoons. And the best Ruby's is on a pier over the ocean. Best fucking restaurant. Oh my god. <3 Also: Had my first date with Zeta there <:
  6. Stitches

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    I climbed up on my roof to watch the fireworks for a little bit yesterday. One of my neighbor's guests helped me down when I was reaching for a ledge blindly. He n his friends called me Catwomen. I kinda like that, when people call me Catwomen or Wonderwoman for being stronger than they think I am.
  7. Stitches

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    Do you know if you'll be online again? Its totally fine if you wont be, I don't want to force you at all or anything.
  8. Yeah I think the guy was an idiot, but the whole situation is just fucked up. Even worse that it could have all been avoided.
  9. I watched a video on my Tumblr dashboard and it just made me really bummed out. Theres 4 cop cars and a swat vehicle in an obvious black neighbor hood and one guy with a Rottweiler is recorded two cops and muttering things. So the cops come over, he puts the dog in his car and is very cooperative when the cops decided to arrest him. But the dog jumps out of the window and the whole neighborhood is watching and screaming and trying to get the dog from attacking anyone. The police just decide to shoot more than enough rounds into it. Congrates LA California. The thing that gets me the most is everyone screaming , yelling, and crying afterward.
  10. Stitches

    How Did You Find The Nom Sever, What Made You Stay?

    Pikachu actually convinced me to play here and join the forums by telling me about the Art thread when we were in highschool. I ended up staying because of the friends I made and people I met <3
  11. Stitches

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    Zeta and I downloaded an Animal Crossing guide on our phones. Ohmygod. It has a checklist for all the bugs and fish you've caught. Holy Shit this is so helpful. x
  12. Stitches

    RL Pics

    You need a big prop for the second one, and hair extensions/wig for the first. It all depends on your supplies n what your willing to spend! You will look like a cutiepie either way though C:
  13. Stitches

    What's The Story Behind Your Username?

    I'm gonna add a post because looking back on the old thread I wrote like a fucking 13 year old. I like to draw Stitched up Zombie girls. THE END. I never read Mork's story until now, that's hella cool man.
  14. OKAY. WOW. I honestly don't know what to do, if I should confront them and encourage them to not use other artist's work as reference, or just turn a blind eye. I mean, the girl is 13, shes not making money off it, but it stresses me out and bothers me greatly. ITS KIND OF FUNNY, BUT WHY. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN COPY REALLY OLD THINGS, THOSE THINGS LOOK REALLY BAD NOW.
  15. Dear Coworker, Please stop using the PA system and speaking in a fake accent. You do realize around half of your coworkers have really fucking thick foreign accents. You're not funny, and its just so embarrassing to hear you be an asshole.