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  1. Yeah I stopped like 4 years ago when my new pc couldn't handle it for some reason, idk what's happened to that game but it's not the TF2 I once loved. But thanks Lemming! Totes on that Discord, didn't even realize y'all had one.
  2. Wow I don't think I've been here since the beginning of summer! >.< Any of you guys still play TF2 or play Overwatch or anything? Haven't talked to anyone here in a while really.
  3. Damn, that's pretty cool. I assume they didn't ask first, but at least they gave credit.
  4. Something for a fantasy project I've been working on. Part of a series, and I'm not done the rest so figured it'd cool to show you guys. Picture is huge, so here's full res: http://i.imgur.com/osHIqxj.jpg
  5. Trying to play Spec Ops the Line, and it's really boring? I wanna like it but the game just seems so mediocre. Wonky controls, kinda looks like shit, so many character names, everyone keeps yelling even though they're trying to sneak around. Also can people stop hiring Nolan North for things that aren't Nathan Drake, I can't take his character seriously. Hopefully the story gets as good as everyone says it is because apparently it takes 6 hours to complete!? I'm only into a third of it and I'm contemplating leaving it. Anyone else played it?
  6. Graduating in 2 weeks, came in second in an international advertising competition and going to NYC for the awards show, and last night got 5 awards at our school's ad show including best portfolio. Hopefully I get a job lol.
  7. Generally you just say which of the preset menu items you want, and then add/take away from that. So like I usually get the turkey and ham samdwich, but I add bacon too. But you can always just ask what they have or tell them what you want and it should be fine (assuming you get the right sandwich)
  8. Went to the Subway on campus because there was a deal to get a footlong for the price of a 6 inch. Got back home to find out they gave me the WRONG SANDWICH. Like wtf? I saw you make it, so what you just handed me the wrong goddamn sandwich when I paid? Fuck you. Wtf. I can't even understand the stupidity that went into this.
  9. Yeah OPM seems to have a strange order of media and everything. But I enjoyed the anime. I was thinking maybe Psycho-Pass or Darker than Black next, but maybe Steins;Gate now. Although have any of you seen Planetes, Gintama or Terror in Resonance? I've heard good things about the first two, but the third one apparently falls off like half way through (which sucks because I like the animation from the trailer). But Samurai Champloo is good, almost done. Although I think I just finished episode 21? And the art style is completely different! Idk if it's like this till the end, but I think a different artist is drawing them, and it just feels off
  10. Haven't seen any of those, although Steins;Gate is on my list. Actually I've started the Haikyuu!! manga as well, because my poor heart can't take only once a week of this, and I'll be without it for like a year soon. But I'll consider Shokugeki no Soma manga too.
  11. Recently finished One Punch, No. 6, and Shokugeki no Soma, about halfway through Samurai Champloo, watching Haikyuu!! ongoing as it comes out (but season 2 is almost done ) I have a list going, but any recommendations?
  12. I enjoyed the first 2, so I should go see this one? The trailers were iffy (although I think all Dreamworks movies have shitty marketing). But got tickets to go to an Edward Snowden live chat at my school, so that's pretty cool.
  13. Drew this for an art class. Procrastinated, so it was all done in a night, but I imagined it as a damsel in distress who decided to rescue herself.
  14. When people (usually YT video people who talk about games/movies/tv and review shit) mispronounce names on their own show. It's like ffs, you're given an exact example of how to properly pronounce it, how hard is it. It's not like a comic or book or something.
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