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  1. Yaya

    End of the Line Update

    Wow Valve really kinda half-assed the update portion of this, huh? I was lead to believe there would be new weapons and a new map.
  2. Yaya

    State of the Sandvich: November 2014

    Reducing the amount of downloads would definitely help. I know for a fact that many people will instantly cancel out the moment a client starts downloading sounds or models.
  3. Yaya

    TF2 Update - November 13th, 2014

    Hype train and what not (haw haw) but have they fixed the bug that makes spies a fundamentally broken class yet
  4. Yaya

    [smash] Tournament Roll Call

    I don't own a Wii U but I have a 3DS and love me some Smash Bros. 4184-2120-3271
  5. Yaya

    You got a Notification!

    When we swapped unusuals and then I sold yours for like, 130 steambux, I experienced a moment of zen because never again would anybody fucking bother me for my hat. Also I feel like if I get 4 of the same 25% coupon I should be allowed to get that game for free.
  6. Yaya

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Why is it when in Dragon Ball somebody goes Super Saiyan Level 1 or 2 or whatever the fuck for the first time, it takes like, 5 years to do it, and then every other time they do it at the snap of their fingers
  7. miss pauling is already waifu status among all
  8. Yaya

    nobody made a thread

    so i will happy birthday me, with 50 minutes left in it. :kazoo:
  9. Yaya

    E3 2014

    Looking forward to this year's Watch Dogs; The game that looks super good and then gets progressively worse looking as development goes on.
  10. Yaya

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    So. Whatever happened to getting the old Thoreau colour scheme for the forums back
  11. Yaya


  12. Yaya

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5-dUrGdCbw OH MY GOD ONLY ONE MORE MONTH
  13. Mine was Galaga, no love for the arcades >=(
  14. Yaya

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Holy shit the anime adaptation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure of part 3 is almost here.