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  1. It's incredibly easy to move onwards and upwards and leave the bits and pieces behind you. At the end of the day though, I owe this little slice of internet a lot. I really appreciate the connections I made and all the little things that made me feel I was actually worth something. Keep it real Nom I wish I was in a place to be more participatory.
  2. Ryu is super fun, the Front Side Kick of justice wishes to dole out the harshness
  3. This seems all positive to me
  4. I'm so glad, I decide on some day to check the forums and this is here. I FOUND THE REDDIT GW POST WE MADE http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/ezcrp/first_timer_very_nervous/ EDIT: I AM A GOD
  5. It's the "Sex Appeal" slider
  6. I picked up the guitar a number of years ago (and by picked up, I mean fumbled over a fretboard on-and-off for 4 years). I always had this assumption you just HAD to be a creative, someone who made music or you were just wasting time. Took only 4-5 fucking years, but honestly? I think all I really want is to have a couple beers, and play local bars in a cover band. I mean, I was BUTCHERING, Alice in Chains, but I felt like so jazzed on these couple of riffs, I felt almost a sense of oneness with the music cuz I was digging on it so hard. If I could enjoy myself that much ruining one of my favorite songs, then the hell do I need to write my own.
  8. You're welcome! I will add to any diet questions, first and foremost calories are king, they always are. If you track your calories and eat at a deficit you will lose weight. I live in Washington as well, and I feel you on the pool thing. Some health clubs have them, but most of the time you're SOL. I am a huge fan of group fitness classes. They can be uncomfortable at first but if you find a good one it makes cardio so much fun and very rewarding.
  9. Wrists themselves you can't bulk-up but I can't imagine rocking out your forearms would hurt. Wrist curls, some of those grip trainers, or deadlifting without straps. Would all do wonders for that part of the arm. In a toxic sense? Not really. Eating too much you have no reasonable gain from shoving that much chicken in your mouth and possibly wrecking your butthole from lack of fiber. Yes. Someone new to training does not need to go over .75grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. The best exercises to start are always going to be the Deadlift, Squat, and bench press. Either check out Stronglifts 5x5 or starting strength (I'd say stronglifts it includes a few other accessory movements that help you in the long run) People love to go on about it because of the hella bacon they eat, in all honesty it's really only good for contest prep. In your day to day life and day to day exercise you really want carbohydrates. They are your bodies main source of fuel, I recommend either carb cycling or just managing your intake. I eat most my carbs in the morning, so my insulin isn't high when I go to bed (exception would be tonight where I worked out in the evening, body loves carbs post workout, for perspective any whey protein has more than enough post-workout) Same as above, squat, deadlift, and bench. It won't mean anything however if you don't eat like a pig. One way to gain weight by brute force is GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) for 2.50ish a day you can have an assload of calories and protein. If you start lifting and you couple it with gomad you will gain weight (and that will include muscle)
  10. I love the question of motivation, it's huge. It wasn't too long ago, I thought the trick was "make it fun," in reality the power play is to make sure your why is ever present. What is it do you want, when your why is strong, you'll get the work done. Every bodybuilder that hit the pros has a story of putting a picture of Arnold up in their bedroom as a reminder. I do the same thing with the background of my phone make it a reminder, and I also have a vision board on pinterest I check and update daily. (I can get more into on vision boards later) Edit: The reason it is important to grasp onto your why is it changes the work you do from "just work" to something gratifying. It helps paint a bigger picture, be it that time on a treadmill equals a few more dates or that extra rep means better arms. The reason that means so much is results driven motivation is like a drug, you start yearning for a fix the long haulers are the type that know this means something bigger, they aren't running for the scale every morning to confirm the work they're doing is worth it. Scoliosis is a rough one, if its pronounced that is way out of my depth. Now, with keyboard jockeys (like myself) we have pelvic tilts and rolled shoulders. I really can't recommend planks, cat/camel (sometimes called cat/cow) stretches, and foam rolling enough they will keep your back healthy. Edit: If you have a gym membership see if they offer Les Mills Bodyflow or some yoga, that shit will keep you fucking limber. By force if necessary. Calisthenics are a good start. If you have some extra cash you can hound craigslist for a Power rack/barbell/bench and with those pieces you can have a full gym essentially. I built one in my garage last year for $525 and they tend not to go down in value since it's a niche item. I threw in a huge stereo for killer workout sessions. Going cheap, calisthenics + a set of adjustable dumbbells and you could put together a great workout. Push-ups/pull-ups/chin-ups and check out convict conditioning if you want an idea of how you could progress a number of calisthenics exercises. Also eat, if you wanna get big you gotta eat.
  11. I log in like once a week and check the threads, I rarely post :x
  12. As some of you may know what seems like a lifetime ago, I hit the gym, 4 years after that I completed the process to make it my career. I went from 250+ pounds and pre-diabetic to competing in my first physique competition next year. Point being, I know some shit. I wish to provide the opportunity to give back to the community that was integral in my self-esteem not sucking and providing the boost to make radical changes in my life. I figure I'll field mostly health and fitness questions, but I'll also take on any other topic. Also, feel free to ask anything specific. I can't diagnose, but as a fitness professional I tend to work around injuries more often than not, it's not terribly difficult.
  13. Just got a beta invite for WoD. So stoked.
  14. What server are you guys playing on? I'm chilling on Laughing Skull, I have yet to fully understand the cross-realm stuff. So if you're in our group (cho'gall and Illidan are a part I"m pertty sure) we might be able to get together.
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