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  1. Soviet


    frick off m8
  2. /mu/ is taking over my life
  3. everytime me and my friends went out to eat and they got a burger they took all of the vegetables out i don't get it?? just meat cheese and bread is super boring without some lettuce/onion
  4. IT WON'T STOP AAAAA my competitive win rate is like 40% compared to 53% quick play lmao maybe i should stop solo queueing
  5. when you go on a 8 win streak in overwatch and then a 8 lose streak??? consistency???? hello blizzard???
  7. i've hit the mmr in which overwatch no longer becomes fun RIP
  8. i never really imagined him dying, just always sort of thought of him as invincible. damn this is depressing.
  9. i stick to specific niche channels on youtube and my friend linked me some commentating thing when and why did this start? a lot of these commentary videos it looks like it's people making fun of other people, who watches this?
  10. Soviet

    Overwatch Thread

    get back from college and overwatch is gone for like 12 days looks like life has no meaning
  11. Soviet

    Overwatch Thread

    Soviet15#1399 mei is literally hitler and junkrat is the best character of all time
  12. caring about fashion is pretty cool, too bad i lack the money or it ;(
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXdW0g6jAxE&ab_channel=Anderson.Paak this album is one of the best albums i've listened to in a while. no matter what genre you like i highly recommend this album. it's funky, has some soul and emotion into it and the songs are beautiful.
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