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  1. Magikarp

    Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

    Nice deck names.
  2. Magikarp

    Freebies: Extra Games And Guest Passes

    Battlefield 3 is now free on Origin until June 3rd: https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/battlefield-3/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition
  3. Magikarp

    Freebies: Extra Games And Guest Passes

    Dead Space 1 is free on Origin until May 8th apparently. https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/dead-space-ANW.html
  4. Magikarp

    Game Sales

    http://giveaways.bundlestars.com/ An Indie game called Pid is being given away, limited amount of keys left. Also I believed it's a trusted site, I collected something from them once, and their steam login link has "Trusted" for me.
  5. Magikarp

    *insertsequelhere Sucks

    I got to say that out of all of them, Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL sucks. Card games in space is ridiculous.
  6. Magikarp


    Happy Birthday!
  7. Magikarp

    Tf2 Update - July 24Th, 2013

    The meta has changed again.
  8. Magikarp

    Steam Trading Cards

    Oh god no why.
  9. Magikarp

    We Are A Nom-Based Highlander Team, And We Want You!

    Do we not still have the nom scrim server? I believe we used it for ETF2L before for practice I think. It's also more suitable for competitive, so I think it'd be best to use it if it is still up, that way bacon will stay for the possible pubbers.
  10. Magikarp

    Exploiting And You, A Serious Thing

    The first thing I thought about when you guys said barrel was this: Ratty made the video, so I thought he meant and allowed people to hide in the barrel.
  11. Magikarp


    Yeah, my friends and I are all using Ascension Valley Server. I think there's a tera-europe site, you may have gotten it from there, you might want to try again with enmasse, it's been working as far as I know. Also I'm Slayer, and it's pretty great. ARCHER OP ;_;
  12. Magikarp


    http://tera.enmasse.com/ Nah, it's also available in America from that site. Yesterday they were having problems with logging in, and my friend was having troubles with her account. I think everything's okay now though. Just when you download the full client and set it up, one of my friends said you need 50GB of free space left for a moment because some update/patching thing, then afterwards it'll go back to 27GB. Weird game, but still good IMO if you still want to try it out.
  13. Magikarp


    Game's out, it's pretty good.
  14. Magikarp


    I might play it, looks good.