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  1. My schedule was basically Fallout 4 and in my breaks I played Rocket League. I can't play both of them at the moment, so I've been going through all my thousands of bookmarks instead. Turns out I bookmarked the nomnomnom forums like thirty times. Must've been a difficult url to remember, hehe
  2. Happy birthday Fox and K2!
  3. Locations looks pretty cool, much better than New Vegas. I am content and will not masturbate to the trailer
  4. I fucked my dog and gave birth to Jacob.

  5. I've secretly been coming back here to masturbate to weird shit.
  6. Hat's still alive? Woah fuck happy birthday! And happy birthday luna!
  7. Raziel

    Quaint Bday

    QUAINT YO happy birthday man!
  8. Fuck I can't believe I missed schmoofy's return
  9. I'd be okay with Jay having my first born. Thank you so much ;o;
  10. Waited a whole damn year to use this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOqg6cBRTZ8 Happy Birthday Soul! love you babeyyyy xoxo
  11. Skype said it's Naudlus' birthay today. But I couldn't find any cool gifs or images. So I whipped out my MSpaint skills and made this for you! Oh my god what have I done Happy birthday Naud! <3
  12. That.. was actually pretty neat.
  13. Raziel


    Happy birthday asswaffle. <3
  14. I try two things that work very well for me. The first one is to just fantasize in my head, and kind of 'day dream'. And just make stories in my head. The second one is simple counting in my head, but imagine the numbers taking shape one by one. If I lose count, I start over.
  15. That's what I want you to think
  16. \o/ Thanks everyone! ;o; I need "adult" things to do now.
  17. Change is scary, but I like beans and it sounds like a good idea. So yay.
  18. At first I only saw a guy with a god-like mullet, then I kind of saw Elvis.
  19. Happy birthday Suwa!
  20. Just saw this and holy shit I'm glad you're all right
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