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  1. Kino

    Dota 2

    6.77c patch is coming. Tranquil Boots disabled speed reduced from 50 to 25 Tranquil Boots heal increased from 170 to 250 Tranquil Boots cooldown increased from 40 to 60 Tranquil Boots heal duration increased from 10 to 20 Illuminate manacost from increased 150 to 150/160/170/180 Illuminate AOE reduced from 400 to 350 Spiked Carapace duration reduced from 2.75 to 2.25 Spiked Carapace cooldown increased from 14 to 23/20/17/14 Marksmanship bonus is removed when there are nearby enemy heroes (instead of just being halved) Reduced Marksmanship enemy detection aoe reduced from 400 to 375 Heaven’s Halberd's Disarm is no longer dispelled by Manta Living Armor damage reduction is now done for all instances of damage that reduce its charges
  2. Kino

    Dota 2

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWga_oxEbpg If you ever feel like raging at your team just remember this video.
  3. Kino

    Playstation 4

    And still no sign of The Last Guardian or FFXIII Versus.
  4. Kino

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    I agree with Draythan, the episode just felt... off. The first half of the episode had nothing to do with the second half. They could've easily made two episodes from the material they had and, seeing how they blew their load on songs, that just might've been the case, but for some reason they decided not to.
  5. Kino

    Dota 2

    The whole thing was a publicity stunt. They wanted Valve to revoke the privacy settings by pissing off the community and creating a lynch mob, it didn't work, so now they brought the site back and everything's back to normal-ish. Hopefully now both parties can sit down and have a mature discussion about the issue.
  6. Kino

    Dota 2

    Icarus flew too close to the sun. It was probably their decision to monetize their data that did them in, rather then Reddit's hivemind. Valve was ok with them using their API to create the website but once DB created exclusive payed features, which Valve did not approve, Valve had to do something to protect their intellectual property.
  7. Kino

    Changes Coming To Youtube (February 2013)

    Finally, a step in the right direction.
  8. Kino

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Putting a plastic pencil sharpener on light-bulb is not a good idea.
  9. Kino

    Dota 2

    All Undying would crash the game.
  10. Kino

    Dota 2

    http://dev.dota2.com/showthread.php?t=68699 - Added Mid Only game mode for private lobbies (disables other lanes and allows the same hero to be selected). Pudge wars! Let's go!
  11. Kino

    Random Comics

  12. Kino

    Happy Birffday

    Happy Birthday.
  13. Kino

    Cellphone Game's

  14. Kino

    Magical Drop V

    I was really looking forward to this game but I heard that it was buggy as all hell. Did they fix most of the problems yet?