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  1. *Checks Nom forums to see what's new* .....that is a mean April fools joke....so subtle...yet so mean
  2. ...Zultan Kul...why do you telefrag me so much...this is Diablo 3...not TF2...
  3. So...I'm still alive...>.>...anyway, I also have MH4U and wouldn't mind joining a nom group every now and then. Usually free after 9 or 10 pm eastern. Just hit me up on steam if you see me on to get my friend code and play, or text me if you have my phone number.
  4. Would love to go but can't foresee me having the funds to go again. Only managed this year since I knew I was getting over $1000 in tax returns, though this next tax season I have no clue how it will go without getting a tax break due to school anymore. Hit the max times for getting that this year...
  5. I resubbed a month or so ago when mop was on sale for $10, planning on getting the new expansion.
  6. A joke that my electronics professor just told in class: There are only 10 kinds of people in the world, the ones that understand binary and the ones that don't. Got a little laugh out of half the class.
  7. Walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth, soon as I turn the light on I find this http://www.imgur.com/MNm8RNG.jpeg Posting from my phone and forgot the tags for images so next time I'm on my pc I'll adjust the post
  8. At least it's not the memory leak I had to deal with when playing far cry 2, considered myself lucky if I managed to play it for more than 10 minutes before it crashed.
  9. O.o...ok, did I miss something or is it official "Return to Nom" month or something? First Schmoofy, then Pappy, then I notice Feral on the server one night, and now you are popping in Stratos? Welcome back, if you have been away for a while. It makes me happy to see names old names from Nom reappearing after vanishing into the mists for a time.
  10. Oh damn, another old name rising from the mists once again! Most recent before you appearing again was schmoofy, good to see you guys coming back!
  11. Finally got home......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. So my 10 pm flight from Chicago to Detroit got canceled due to weather and the next available is at 8 am......fuck.....
  13. Just went to Psycho Donuts in San Jose, oh damn...this shit is GOOD!! Gonna have to get more once everyone else wakes up.
  14. I just get the Transition lenses, that way I only need one pair of glasses.
  15. Ya know? I fell like playing this game that I haven't touched in months and it has had many updates since I last played. Oh....the servers have been getting ddos'd for a few days.....WHAT THE FUCK DAMN IT!!!!!!!!! .........
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