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  1. Mizu

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Because fighters always run away from their opponents! Its very manly! also hai guys
  2. Mizu

    Borderlands 2

    The Level Cap is level 50. And about the whole not going to increase level cap, I'm ok with. Because right now, I have enough trouble getting good guns as it is. I always run into a situation where I find a good purple gun with good damage, but the next min, I find the same gun, but its white that does more damage than the other. I don't see the point in leveling up pass 50 when guns are so random. Plus, I have a few legendaries that do a good enough job. I would find other weapons with better dmg, but I stick to legendaries because they have special effects. And did I mention Legendarys are a BITCH to farm for? I got lucky with my turtle shield, but fkman... it takes a long process just to get a good drop. And I mean from the Non-DLC game. I know the DLCs make it easier to get orange gear.
  3. Mizu

    Happy Birthday Quaint

    Happy Birthday! For realz yo.
  4. Mizu

    Adventure Time Thread

    YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS! GUYSUGYSUYGSUGYSGYSUGYSUYGUYS! and girlies! GUESS WHAT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsoxvIofEFg Next week's episode. Totally excited. AT love their Fionna and Cake. <3 I dont think this is an official sneak peek video, but its close.
  5. Mizu

    Borderlands 2

    Zer0 the Assassin! He's a pretty OP character overall, but he's pretty decent to solo. You don't have to get close to enemies all the time, when they do get close, your melee is really powerful, you're always behind cover, and you can go invis when you think you're being overwhelmed! EDIT! Also Zetsu, I'm all for raids killing, but I'm assuming you have all the DLCs. I don't have a single one. :x
  6. Mizu

    The Free Bundle

    i'mscared is a severely unrated game. I hope this brings more attention to it because its a good game. Scy brought my attention to it before and i watch a lets play of it. Its so creepy just to watch it. I'm totally gonna grab all of these though. Small indie games are perfect for those who have short attention span like me.
  7. Mizu

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Watch the Dead Space 3 trailer again. If I remember correctly, Ellie lost one of her eyes in the last game, but in the trailer she still has 2 eyes..... Wut.
  8. Mizu

    Good Morning

  9. Mizu

    Art thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I want that Creeper hat now. NOW I SAY! Dont make me break out the puppy eyes! :ccccc All of them are so good Naggi!
  10. Hey Mom, remember that one time I went to the clinic because of a sprain wrist 5 months ago? YOU STILL DIDNT PAY FOR THE FKING BILL!! ._. Its almost $300 now. I hate how she's so forgetful...
  11. Mizu

    Borderlands 2

    You need 2 or more players to spawn him. =p I'm willing to farm him any time. I want those legendary mods And about the DLCs, everyone has to own the DLC in order to play with a party. Its just like any other game. EDIT: When you are trying to spawn Vermivorous, you CAN'T do it solo. You just can't. The requirements to spawn him are: You need to be on True Vault Hunter mode, meaning you have to be on your 2nd Playthrough. It doesn't matter what level you need to be, as long as its on True Vault Hunter Mode. Its better to be lvl 50 only because that gives the best gears, its cap level. =p AND! You can't do it solo. Sorry, but it's just how it goes. Trying to spawn him alone won't work. Normally without the event, you can, but it would take 2 hours or more. Plus, super hard to fight dozens of Badasses alone.
  12. Mizu

    Borderlands 2

    http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/985/borderlands-2-gear-up-event Gear-Up Event! In celebration of releasing the 43rd DLC. This makes Varkids evolve a lot faster than normal! You just need 2 or more players. This makes spawning Vermivorous so much easier. I kill him 3 times today with just 2 ppl in the room. I got 3 awesome new rocket launchers, the Norfleet~
  13. Mizu

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Thanks everyone :3 something I had to share.
  14. Mizu

    Compliments to the players

    thanks to everyone who gave me advice and support me with getting my first job. ♥