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  1. jello :D

    Fallout: New Vegas

    When I was playing, I encountered a glitch where Mr. House didn't give me back the platinum chip. If you guys encounter this press "~" and enter in "player.additem 001164FB 1".
  2. jello :D

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Just finished the game, went with the Wildcard missions. The ending scene was hilarious.
  3. jello :D

    Fallout: New Vegas

  4. jello :D

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Has anyone been to the strip yet? The hookers made me lol
  5. jello :D

    Fallout: New Vegas

  6. jello :D

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    What you do is start yelling that a random person shot you, half the time everyone goes on a manhunt for them. fun times in terrorist town
  7. jello :D

    Heartlesskev`s Shop Of Wonders

    Vintage Frontier justice + grey paint for your black paint?
  8. jello :D

    >O Grey Paint

    Looking for any other color.
  9. jello :D

    L> Mackerel

    Fish for your Sydney Sleeper? Nevermind I think I'll keep it
  10. Non Medic/Heavy hats would be nice. Hound dog is pending now
  11. jello :D

    L> Metal O>Volcano Fragment, V.eyelander + Others

    What would you like for Bill's hat good sir?
  12. Why are the golden wrenches vintage? "The Vintage Golden Wrench" sounds weird.
  13. jello :D

    L> Vampire Kirby Desires Vintage Weapons!

    Vintage Frontier Justice for your mad milk?
  14. Anyone have a rocket jumper?