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  1. This thread needs more fucking posts, Lemming's the best fucking person. Happy birthday dude, hope you had a good one, bark bark hudda hudda
  2. From what I was taught, don't let your knees pass your toes, keep the pressure on the heels. You might need something to balance with until you build those muscles up.
  3. Fat Cat

    Wiiu Discussion

    45 minutes left http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/04-01-2015/
  4. Recently got Codename STEAM, it's a lot more fun than I was expecting. And harder.
  5. Fat Cat

    Wiiu Discussion

    Here's a rumor that came out a day before the announcement was made, has a lot of good shit so I hope it's true (FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS! SNES GAMES ON 3DS! FUCKING CROSSBUY FINALLY HOLY FUCK) http://mynintendonews.com/2015/03/30/rumour-nintendo-direct-on-april-1st/
  6. If you haven't played TxK on the Vita, or if you've been holding off on it for whatever reason, you might want to consider getting it as soon as possible. Atari has deemed that they want to make money off of someone the game is too similar to Tempest, ordering that the game be pulled from PSN and that no other ports be made, threatening legal action. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/atari-lawyers-demand-vita-game-txk-is-removed/1100-6426001/ The game is currently $10 on PSN, if you're interested. Again, it may not last long at this point as the creator of the game doesn't have the budget to handle a legal battle with something like Atari.
  7. Maybe all of those passive-aggressive survey answers I gave about wanting a cross-buy system for Virtual Console games is finally gonna pay off
  8. Signed into my hotmail account for the first time in awhile and was greeted with this:
  9. Oh hey one of the top linguists and behavioral scientists in the world tweeted the latest Factual Feminist (Christina H. Sommers) episode about gamergate And of course people are losing their shit
  10. Gotta give that DS some lovin, gotta make it feel alive again
  11. Get canned air and blow it into the crack. Don't use your mouth, it'll make it worse.
  12. Finally got my Smash soundtrack in, time to rip it
  13. Some good news: Doug TenNapel (Creator of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood) is not Tim Schaffer. https://twitter.com/TenNapel/status/573496179494940673 Which reminds me, I still need to buy the Earthworm Jim games on Steam.
  14. I don't even know what to say about this without using all-caps and swearing except that I'm never playing Psychonauts or any game he so much as sneezed on ever again.
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