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  1. Avoid Turtle Beach headsets. While they have good audio/mic quality they're not flexible at ALL and they use thin plastic hinges that easily break.
  2. Don't usually care for vocals but damn it's catchy
  3. Why even eat a burger without lettuce tomato or onion Why not just eat a steak with a melted cheese glaze and a roll on the side Budweiser is watered piss anyway, makes sense they'd have shit taste in other fields Va-11 Hall-A has a weird tendancy to have really fitting tracks come on at just the right moment even though it's all user defined, like Will You Remember Me when you get that really fucking bad news or Your Love is a Drug when the pop idol is talking about another band doing a cover of that exact fucking song
  4. Day 2 is now live! Patch notes coming soon. War between Heavy and Pyro- to the victor go the spoils.
  5. Taunt videos on teamfortress youtube channel are revealed!
  6. Well-put. Yeah, the latter is what I'm getting at, though communication isn't exactly my strong suit so thanks for bearing with me. (Ever get that problem where you tunnelvision so hard on one aspect of an discussion you lose sight of what you were getting to before? It's like that.) I'll concede that gameplay doesn't always have to be the forefront of a critique, striving to have the different parts complement each other is a better principle to aim for, albeit highly dependent on genre as well since nothing is absolute for every game. Adding clunky game mechanics for the sake of mood/feel is a bit of a double-edged sword where if you go too far with it, the amount of frustration will cause any potential world building to collapse on itself. Small things like your character physically drinking a potion and being vulnerable for the short seconds while doing so or the delay between swinging a weapon and it actually registering damage go a long way in that regard without feeling too clunky. A delay between you telling your character to move and them actually moving can work but is entering gray area. Adding a miss chance for point-blank melee weapons in an action RPG would be going too far. Though on the topic of evolving game genres, I believe a major factor to also be game studios playing it safe with their investments and looking at what is the tried-and-true direction to go with their games, simplifying the game mechanics to fit a broader demographic and streamlining things to be as multi-platform friendly as possible- consoles are still the major forefront of game markets, which is a bit of a shame since they're restricted to the small variance of peripherals attached to them. One of the reasons to like the indie manifest destiny of today is they aren't bound by so much restraint and can explore grounds that haven't been visited since the wild west of the '80s and '90s game market and are more often then not riskier ventures into specialized niche markets, but that's a whole other can of beans.
  7. Gameplay is also intrinsically a part of these games. Choose-your-own-adventure books never took off because they were clunky, couldn't deliver a cohesive narrative, and couldn't rely on too many variables; games like planescape torment rely heavily on choice and consequence and therefore could never feasibly fit into another medium. The gameplay might be buried behind all the text and it might be less than other games in the same engine, but it's there. I'm mainly talking about walking simulators that have decent visuals but little to no interaction between the player and the environment. Pen and paper games also focus heavily on interaction between players and their environments, even if it's told as a story. (Though admittedly you can never generalize an entire medium to one way or the other like I'm doing, because the exceptions are usually the ones that shine.)
  8. Art can be objectively bad because it has a chance to have zero redeeming qualities. Giving credence to excuses people call art is an insult to whatever artform it's a part of and gives rise to pretension. On games: If you have bad gameplay or little gameplay whatsoever but a great story it begs the question, "why did you make this a game in the first place instead of an animation/book/whatever?" since delivering a strong narrative would be a lot better suited for one of those mediums, animation especially if there's good visual style. If you're judging a game, gameplay should always be the forefront of your critique. Also, acquired an old yellow 64 controller with a stiff R button, opened it up and someone had put it back together wrong so the button wasn't set in the right place, and because of that it was almost never used and the control stick is almost factory fresh. Good god that feels amazing to use.
  9. Toamto

    E3 2016

    Cypher cryptology is fairly easy to crack, especially if you find a key word or phrase that allows for easy translation. Plus it keeps up a subtle tradition.
  10. A slower switch time if your clip isn't full would be interesting, though the latter is probably the better solution.
  11. Toamto

    E3 2016

    Oh that's good. Guess we'll see more in the final build. There's really no reason for the characters to have voice lines either. All it takes are a few bad-sounding lines before the whole thing suffers as a result. Plus there's stylistic reasons but that's a whole other bag that can be handwaved away because ~subjectivity~. As long as it's hylian jibberish like it usually is it'll be fine.
  12. Toamto

    E3 2016

    I sure hope there's minimal voice acting if any. Looks pretty boring as all open world games do. Let's hope there's more substance than the great sea or tp's field, cause right now it look like it's par for the course.
  13. Toamto

    E3 2016

    I'm just waiting for whatever cringey moments will highlight 2016 in the history books alongside some other memorable moments, including (but not limited to) Sony's entire 2006 conference, Ubisoft's Very Own Mr. Coffeeâ„¢, #girlwood, and every Kinect presentation ever.
  14. I don't know why but every morning a little after 12:30 my router hangs itself. Refuses all connections, can't access config page even with a hardwire connection. Pisses me off to no end because sometimes it comes back, sometimes it needs to be unplugged for a minute, and sometimes even that doesn't work. It's a goddamn enigma.
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