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  1. cavemansteijn

    Pc Speaker Set Advice

    i meant B, there are so many wires xd even tangled togehter but it doesn't really work much aw well, in a week, maybe 2 i will go to the stores for the speakers, thanks again
  2. cavemansteijn

    Pc Speaker Set Advice

    thanks for a dutch vid, much easier to understand but what is refurb'd? and i will surely get a wire overload , any tips how to keep that to a minimum?
  3. cavemansteijn

    Pc Speaker Set Advice

    with height i meant, does it matter if i hang them on the ceiling or put them on the floor i will surely try to look in the stores nearby before i order things online. thanks for your great help <3 gotta love nom ^^ there's always someone who can help i needed the help because every time i purchase something it didn't turn out right. and btw, the things like: do you mean the dimensions of the satelite enclosures or speaker placement for optimum ambiant effect? really aren't much info to me. if it's important, use layman terms please, english isn't my first language and im only 17..
  4. cavemansteijn

    Pc Speaker Set Advice

    >< yes well behind me is my bed so it will surely be hard to do around me but i surely wanna try, do you know if the height the speakers are at matter? and do you have an idea about the price of the Z-906? i know cambridge soundworks is good, but it's a very old set, the speakers are white metal, and turning orange so need for replacement
  5. cavemansteijn

    Pc Speaker Set Advice

    so at the moment i have an old speaker set called: cambridge soundworks fourpointsurround fps1500 im wondering what speakers would be better than these , mostly bass and quality of the sounds i don't care about the brand name, not like beats headphones stuff i was looking at like 100-200 euro's maybe a bit more, not sure. depends really i don't know anything about speakers and what to look at :s
  6. cavemansteijn

    Super Monday Night Combat

    well it made my comp crash because of the install, not just in-game, just when installed my comp freaked out which is strange since i can run most games at highest quality
  7. cavemansteijn

    Super Monday Night Combat

    installed this game, my pc crashed a whole load when i ran it, though my pc is fine with running it, it's in the software i think... i immediately deinstalled it, never got to test it but it fixed my crashes
  8. cavemansteijn

    The Great Gatsby

    wrong movie name, this is clearly spiderman trailer looks like it's quite a bore /= yarrrrr..
  9. cavemansteijn

    Command And Conquer Tiberium Alliances

    so much this, they ruined it so damn much , you didnt even get to build much of a base
  10. cavemansteijn

    League Of Legends

    add an ap rammus to that
  11. cavemansteijn

    You Approach The Massive Omelette...

    still prefer free jelly
  12. cavemansteijn

    Test Your Awarness

    i saw it the first time o.O i should be a detective though i should learn how to count
  13. cavemansteijn

    Vote For The Next Mapcycle

    i see you made a poll bitches love polls anyways, i like this way of choosing maps
  14. cavemansteijn

    League Of Legends

    if you invite me its fine with me what also doesnt help is people kicking me from nom groups for no reason at all =/ i dont know why ... never did anything wrong
  15. cavemansteijn

    Favorite Burger Chain

    only mcdonalds and burger king here i go with burger king mcdonalds is just terrible over here..