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  1. Oh my! This thing has powers, I bet. I mean, it seems to fit each of us.
  2. Neat! I didn't even know it existed! Welp, here's my poor poor gallery. Only two shitty videos for now. Don't have too much time to play nowadays, anyway http://steamcommunit...talAlex/videos/ And just in case... ALSO, fun fact, apparently, watching from Steam itself doesn't count towards the view count
  3. Are you 100% sure about that sentence? Or did you see both 1's in today's date merged? Because I feel as bad about saying "GIMME NAO", as happy to get it. Seriously, I think you should send me a real offer, at least to not suffer brain damage here. Even if it's just the picklehaube D: Unless you mean "Have it a bit, take a couple screenies, give back". I wouldn't mind that.
  4. So this is my backpack. Anyone has offers? Some stuff isn't for trade though.
  6. Well, Team17 made a special batch of condoms for Worms, so WHO KNOWS.
  7. Little thing that could MAYBE help. Look up if you have a program in your installed list called "Pando Media Booster" (You know, that remove/add program thingy). If you have it, UNINSTALL. The fucker is apparently a legal program that uses your own computer as a way to send advertisements to other computers, making your internet connection to be ridiculously slower. Who knows, maybe it's this!
  8. News? Have a little look at the video's date. Instead, Rayman Origins looks fantastic. Been a while since they last talked about it though. Don't miss the trailer.
  9. Pffff... And they say we have to "OBEY IT" because it's taken straight from the words of God... So much hypocrisy.
  10. Oh my God, I remember those. Just curious, by the way, Anyone remembers Gogos? Or was it a Spain-only thing?
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