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  1. Thanks for the advice, it gives me a bit to think about. I will probably have some questions in the future, so I'll contact you on Discord.
  2. I have given it some thought and I was thinking of building a new PC. Mine seems to make a lot of noise when starting, so I think parts of it are on their last legs. So I have some questions. Can I reuse the GTX 1070 and 600W power supply that I have in my PC right now in the new one? If not what are the near best ones to use? I heard GPU prices have gone nuts due to Bitcoin mining. Where would I get a copy of Windows 10 to use in the new PC? What is the best, but still not too expensive, motherboard to use? CPU? Also, do cases come with fans stock or will I have to buy them? Any advice you guys have would be good.
  3. Hey, I installed my new CPU and things seem to be going well. I was wondering however if there is a way to see the temp. of the CPU, as I can't find it in the performance or device monitors on windows.
  4. Thanks for replying, and I do have a question. What should I use to clean off the thermal paste? Also I don't think there is a limit on the cores, as I have not touched it. But I'm not sure if the manufacturer (HP) set one.
  5. Okay, I got the CPU that Pikachu recommended (the Intel i7 4790) but when I went to look at the BIOS update site it only lists up to Windows 8.1 (I have Windows 10). Is it okay to use the latest BIOS update even if I have Windows 10 or will there be a problem? Also what is the sequence that I should follow when replacing the CPU? Will I need to add new thermal paste, boot the computer normally or in a different mode, etc?
  6. I was thinking about the CPU in my computer and I think I do want to replace it. But I was wondering what other types of the i7 I could use. I mean Pikachu mentioned the i7 4790 but I'm wondering if there are slightly cheaper options that will do just as well.
  7. Yeah, while I have had experience installing graphics cards and power supplies recently it has been a while since I've installed a CPU, I'm a little nervous about it. But like I said I'll see how the graphic card changes things then go from there. Also do most new CPUs come with thermal paste included? I think they do but I could be wrong.
  8. I'm thinking of starting with the GTX 1070 upgrade first, as it seems the easiest to install. I'll see how that goes and see if I need the new CPU as well. However if you guys have a different idea on what I should do first I'll listen. This is the card I am looking at, how does it look?
  9. Okay, so if I do the BIOS update can it be done before the new CPU is installed or only after? Also what do you think of this SSD
  10. Will this CPU work with my computer as is or will it require the BIOS update as it says in the description?
  11. What is the price range on a CPU like that? Also will I need a new power supply if I get a solid state drive plus the graphics card. I have a 600 watt on in my computer now. Also is there any of the GTX 1070 you think is best, there is quite a lot of to chose from.
  12. Not to interject but I was thinking of maybe building a PC and wanted to see if you guys have any suggestions. Currently I have an HP Envy 700 series running a Geforce GTX 960 and a Core i5 3.20 GHz. Wondering if I can do better with a custom built one or just upgrade the card in this one.
  13. Thanks, I do like it so far, it has a nice feel to it. I'll have to see how it goes but so far it is working like I want to. Also you may be right about needing the o-rings. If you have a link to some I would really appreciate it.
  14. Well I got the switch sampler in the mail and after some testing I think I like the red switch the best. So I think I will go with the Corsair with the red swtich, as it is still on sale. It seems to have what I am looking for and it is wide enough for my hands. Plus the elevated keys make for easy cleaning, which is something I need as my room gets dusty like nobodies business. Thanks for the advice guys, it was really helpful.
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