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  1. YES!!! FUCKING FINALLY! AFTER YEARS OF SEARCHING!!! Judge me if you must, I just HAD to find it even if it's on shitty quality.
  2. Got to the point where I really need my sister to play Sanctum 2, it's difficult enough for 1 player so I really need someone else to keep things covered. Altough the guy with the shotgun (wtf names?) is just what I wanted.
  3. Sanctum 2 still has text to speech. GOTY
  4. This is the part that worries me, by the end of season 3 (specially the last episode) it just... dunno, sort of went downhill for me so I have little faith in what they did with the movie, specially since it just seems they are trying to make the movie closer to something like Barbie or Bratz or Tinkerbell. Still and trying to be neutral I'll watch it and decide after doing that. Same with the new season, even if those storylines (movie and season 4) are completely separated it will depend on how good/bad it turns out after coming out.
  5. ............ I'm almost ready to jump off the boat and just stay with the 3 seasons already aired (just like with the first 2 pokemon generations).
  6. I want to see more of it, average completion time and content, if they decided it was worth a stand alone game it may be just enough for it... if it isn't I'll just wait for it to lower the price.
  7. Completing every sidequest like the Riddler challenges is not HARD, it's just an excuse to make a game longer. Like good old DKC3, all the damn extra levels and items weren't hard just plain tedious just to watch the real ending. Completionists != More skilled Unless it's like Viewtiful Joe, play the same damn game in a harder difficulty (composed only around getting killed in 1 hit and enemies having more health), then it becomes harder AND tedious. Right now I can't think of a game with a nice, justificable and enjoyable high difficulty, I should have played at least one but I just can't remember right now without thinking the difficulty was too artificial. /opinions.
  8. This, it works wonders for inspiration /programing tips
  9. Disney trying to copyright and "own" Dia de muertos... really? fucking really? Being realistic, I bet they already own it because they gave out money to someone... probably only 500 pesos too, not even a reasonable amount.
  10. Gotta admit I just learned wtf was with the 5th of Mayo last week since nobody celebrates it over here (unless you are from Puebla) and... it was a lame event. Now carry on with the sillyness, it is needed.
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