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  1. I always forget to buy The Last of Us....oh come on I needa rmb to buy the damn game already!
  2. There's more where that came from work...heres the pride and joy of Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier. I've been working for 2 months and their croissants are STILL to die for ...and their kouign amann as well. oh...and one more thing...
  3. Everyone who knows me personally will know how nuts I am of food...pastries...coffee...tea...food. Anything food I can talk to u about it for at least 10 years without stopping. I've always wanted to own a cafe, or a gaming cafe that serves awesome food. I haven't had time to practice my cooking in a while, a chili con carne was my last dish...but nw at my new work place I have a pretty good chance to honing my skills...and learning how to manage an actually cafe. yes I work at a French bakery nw. so let this thread be about food, ur love of it, and any images of food that capture ur imagination that can only be described as....Porn. The internet really is for porn
  4. I hate it when corporate types think they know how to handle frontline stuff and only for us to destroy our vibe at work...
  5. I cant get enough MvM....need a dispenser more often with my Heavy.
  6. Ice cream can be a very very unpleasant work...
  7. Dang...I always knew the Pyro was a Brony....Now I Don't feel flames can hurt anyone. Where's Stratos, Snowy and Alkaid! I wanna have some FUN with my rainbow launcher!
  8. Mass Effect 3 patch....I'll say.....I feel indifferent. All I want is the head writer in Bioware fired.
  9. gonna see 'em in concert on Jun 17
  10. You need to add your Steam community URL in your profile, or add me in order to get your Strange Super Mario Galaxy (un-named because I'm cheap right now). The former would be preferable o3o

  11. I've gotten a good amount of soup today...mmmm....I love pumpkin soup...now back to more ice cream tmr!
  12. I'm slowly gaining weight....from working at an ice cream place.
  13. I love ice cream....Udders Ice Cream is the Bomb.
  14. if I'm ever online (which is rare now that I'm working at an ice cream joint) I dun mind having it for free man.
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