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  1. Plannin to do something with my voice. Bit nervous, but I'm gonna try it!
  2. Hmmm...gosh it's tough :C There's a japanese restaurant I like, pubs and the like... I suppose the Harvester The Harvester has quite a few chains about. You can't make reservations (the biggest downside in my opinion) but the food is gorgeous. They have an open salad bar where you can get whatever you like for free with your meal. And you can have seconds before your food arrives! You can see the cooks working and can see the food being spitroasted from the salad bar. Of course, their grub is heavenly; the chicken is always tender and the ribs are messy and delicious. The desserts are your typical faire, sundaes, cake and the like, but it's hard to go wrong there. Yum and yum (and yum)
  3. It's almost other-worldly how different the UK and USA versions of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares are. The UK version I'm currently watching is focused on a French restaurant in Scotland. The chefs are top notch, almost all with backgrounds in Michelin Star restaurants, the ingredients are fresh, the staff are courteous. But they don't have customers and it seems to be done to their over-eagerness to be Michelin Star quality themselves, so locals are baffled by the french named courses, the high price and the overly pretentious presentation of the dishes. There's been no arguing, no drama, nothing like that. It's purely about the business and, yeah, the staff still take a little to bend and see things Ramsey's way. It's hardly the level of personal the Americans take it though, it's more than issue of pride getting in the way. Then you have the USA version...they're both fun to watch, but the UK version is far more focused on the business, rather than on family troubles.
  4. I hate when mum knows that she's making me feel like shit and preys on it. I went down to check on when dinner would be, since I got invited into a game of Dota. For those who don't know, Dota games tend to last at least half an hour, and dropping out midgame ruins the match for everyone involved. Mum decided to talk to me about the possibility of me having a cat. I have to be able to pay for it (I'm currently trying to sort out money, the gov is a pain in the arse - but it is being dealt with), I have to be up to take care of it (get up at a time and sleep at a time she approves of basically) and help out round the house more. I can agree to that. But then it turns into a chat about how I spend too much time online, and how I 'prefer the computer to family'. Which then became 'prefer your friends to family' when I corrected her. 'So it's better to let us down than let your friends down?' Just, no. You don't get to say shit like this!. Especially in a chat about the possibility of me having a pet, something I have wanted for years and have regularly been turned down on.
  5. "The louder they scream, the more we know that we are getting something done." AN ACTUAL FUCKING QUOTE FROM THIS MAN How do these people get voted in again?
  6. Once upon a time I had a bunch of friends who gave me the nickname Chinchilla because they thought I was adorable and fluffy and kinda-mouselike I guess. It ended up sticking. I usually add something in front of it just to spice it up a bit. I use Mr. on the forums because it's classy.
  8. Mr. Chinchilla is recieving strange phonecalls... (Streaming hotline miami!)
  9. A bullshit law didn't get passed in Texas c: It basically would have shut down any clinic that offered abortion, effectively making it illegal. A woman stood up for over 13 hours, talking non-stop to prevent the law being passed, lots of awesome things happened... it was good to hear that after everyone's efforts,t he law didn't pass.
  10. I went to sleep early and woke up at 1am... This is why I don't do normal sleeping patterns
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