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  1. Hey just realized. Happy birthday!

  2. I never play LoL without friends. I get too mad at it otherwise.
  3. I feel like this idea gets thrown around a lot but doesn't seem to go anywhere. Just an observation.
  4. I really doubt Facebook is gonna black out for 24 Hours. It would be cool though, but unlikely.
  5. Two things I like in the same video. YESSS.
  6. 90% Chance of Snow. Doesn't Snow. FUUUUUUU.
  7. Scout: Double jump everywhere and avoid all damage, but at the same time miss at point blank range with a shotgun. Soldier: Never rocket jump out of fear, always stay on the ground. Pyro: W+M1 Demo: PRO STICKY AND PIPE SHOTS! Heavy: Already too many heavies, and when there isn't I'm the prime candidate for a Pocket Medic. Do terrible because I'm horrible under pressure Engineer: Build sentry guns and not give any fucks, my favorite class. Medic: Second favorite class, love helping my teammates. Sniper: Use the Machina because I can't aim worth shit, or use the Huntsmen Spy: Never get a kill, always get spotted, everyone knows I'm the Spy instantly. Let's just pretend that I can't select this class.
  8. Hm, I think I'll buy Nation Red. I'm a sucker for stuff that's on sale.
  9. Thanks Bro, I'm glad I'm being judged by a drug-head who still lives with his parents, complains about it on a daily basis, and borrows money that he can't repay. Fucking asshole.
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