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  1. Pretty much this. But in all honesty I'm a bit sad this is happening over a BioShock movie, because I just don't think Ratchet and Clank is really that great movie material.
  2. I don't know where else to put this, but it's here for anyone who's interested.
  3. I have size 12 feet, and I consider them big since theyre the size of my forearm
  4. So I started to play a bit around a month ago, but apparently my experience with league has made me to good at this game and I do really well, althought I still have problems with how aggressive/passive I should be in lane. So far it looks like void is my best character since he is the one I can out carry the entire enemy team with and win a teamfight with a simple chronosphere.
  5. Yeh i suppose, but the only problem is how much easier it is for clunkz to dominate than for people to counter him. Also my friend gifted me awesomenauts for christmas so i see myself playing some more in the near future .
  6. The only problem I see here is that 95% of the time it says clunk denied himself, and he can get an upgrade to make his bomb charging aura slow, which makes it impossible to get away unless ur froggy G. And since clunk denies himself and kills you, he gets EXP and solar while u dont get anything
  7. I tried the game on the free weekend and I quite liked it. The only gripes I had about the game was that certain people were rediculously over powered or really weak. For example, with just 2 upgrades in his bomb, clunk has a 100 dmg nuke, but with around 8 upgrades, Leon can do 100 dmg in 5 seconds instead of instantly while being significantly squishier. But overall I quite enjoyed the game i just find it needs a little bit of balancing.
  8. I play alot so I can play a couple of matches whever u want. Also my summoner name is: ArmedArmadilo
  9. LOL me and my friends just played a team of only supports. Leona, Alistar, Soraka and Sona (With an irelia who was a pub player) and we won 24-10. Never ending CC.
  10. Lol i went 15-1-21 as SUPPORT blitzcrank before. I wasn't taking kills from my carry either, it's that they we're going to get away from her so when i rocket grabbed, etc. it killed them. Also i had no real non support items, other then a manamune which was the final item i picked up (around 40-45 mins). Then my friend who was playing garen was going like 27-2-17 and span through their team with no problems. Was a good day. Also this was in draft.
  11. So i started playing LoL about a month ago with some friends and we've been having some fun with it. I just got Gragas and he seems pretty good, specially since i haven't gone negative with him yet. I just started playing Jax and he seems decent aswell. Also at what point should i start buying runes? I'm level 30 and i'm wondering whether i should prioritize runes or new heroes. Also i have around 200 wins and havent played ranked yet.
  12. DAMNIT. I only come back to this thread once all the DOTA 2 passes are gone ;n;
  13. Yeh just realized that was there. :L Also is it possible to delete a thread?
  14. http://forums.nom-no...s-battle-royal/ Sorry didn't realize their was already a thread. :/
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