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    Around Seattle.
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    Homemade dinners by candle light.
    Long walks upon rocky beaches.
    Pokeing dead things with sticks.

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  1. Small Ivory Knight


    Fair enough!
  2. Small Ivory Knight


    Come watch and we can be terrified together! But seriously I love/despise this movie so much. It's grand.
  3. Small Ivory Knight


    Hey gang. It's been a billion years since I last watched John Carpenter's Masterpiece of Pants-shitting terror: "The Thing" (Please note: 1,000,000,000 apparently = 5.) So I thought "Why watch it by myself when I could watch it with a whole bunch of random strangers on the internet! So here I am. Streaming "The Thing". Have a watch. Just make sure your friends are who they say they are... http://www.hitbox.tv/SmallIvoryKnight
  4. Small Ivory Knight


    Watch me pretend that I got rhythm, music, and my gal, in the brand new "Crypt of the NecroDancer" http://www.hitbox.tv/SmallIvoryKnight IT'S OVAR.
  5. Small Ivory Knight


    Streaming FTL Advanced Edition. There will be many fiery deaths. http://www.hitbox.tv/SmallIvoryKnight
  6. Small Ivory Knight


    Hey gang! Ivory's goin' to SPACE! And by that, I mean I'm gonna muck about in Kerbal Space Program and livestream my adventures. Oh yes. There will be explosions. Anyone who would like to join me can do so here! http://www.livestream.com/smallivoryknight Still using livestream because I'm a caveman and slash or barbarian. Did I go to Duna? Well. No. I exploded. A lot. But then I went to the mun and stranded Jebediah with 5 units of fuel left! If I stream again, I'll probably try to save him.
  7. Small Ivory Knight

    Word Association

  8. Small Ivory Knight

    Word Association

  9. Small Ivory Knight

    Ethics Homework

    Now I'm waiting for K2 to follow it up with "Now apply it to X" and make us all feel bad.
  10. Small Ivory Knight

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    My recommendations for Waifu: Tharja. For Husbando: Lon'qu. Mmmmm. Lon'qu.
  11. Small Ivory Knight

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    http://imgur.com/a/DAQqk#0 Woooo! Took me about two days, but got my first manned mission to Laythe! Awesome pictures in the imgur album, and my steam profile.
  12. Small Ivory Knight

    The Universal Picture Thread!

    Damn it Angel, not again. Quaint, we need you to come save us.
  13. Small Ivory Knight

    Lets Make Everyone Sleepy Thread

    Top Gear. I kid you not. I love that show, but I put it on at night and bam. Out like a light.
  14. Small Ivory Knight

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    The ending for Futurama was beautiful.
  15. Small Ivory Knight

    What Is The Coolest Thing You've Bought Recently?

    PAX Prime Loots